Graphic Designer

$250 - 300 / Per Month
Full Time
Sep 02, 2021

Job Overview

Graphic Designer


Please answer: 

1. Share your portfolio

2. Share 2-4 links of your live designs (good typography easily readable on the phone)

4. What 9 hours a day can you work uninterrupted? Can you work EST Florida time?

5. Are you working from home, shared office, or are you part of an agency or company?

6. How much RAM your computer has?

NOTE: we pay attention to details so can you follow simple writing instructions (fix the above mistakes if needed)?

> In English we start sentences with a capital letter

> When referring to yourself use a capital "I" and not small "i"

> Leave a space AFTER the "." or "," and not before

> No need for capital letters in the middle of the sentence

We buy all the hours that you can work every month

Skills Required

  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing

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