Sales and Social Media Marketing Administrator

$165 - 200 / Per Month
Full Time
Sep 04, 2021

Job Overview

We are excited to bring our first open position for the two companies I have set up in London, England.

We are looking for an ambitious and new people who want to work in a new start up and wants to get into Sales and Social Media marketing. You will serve as a point of contact for clients with queries about products, and provide social media marketing posts across our social media platforms and reaching out to prospective clients.

Our ideal candidate should be goal-oriented and has a desire to learn and develop deep knowledge of sales and social media and customer service. If you have exceptional organizational skills and draw energy from being part of a team, we would like to meet you.

Key responsibilities

Your responsibilities revolve around organising and running marketing campaigns over social media platforms (such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat). Typical responsibilities include:

- Creating content, including text posts, video and images for use on social media

- Promoting products, services and content over social media, in a way that is consistent with an organisation’s brand and social media strategy

 - Scheduling social media posts using applications such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck

 - Interacting with customers and dealing with customers’ enquiries via email

 - Developing new social media strategies and campaigns

 - Managing a budget to be spent on promoting social media posts and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

 - Keeping track of data and analysing the performance of social media campaigns

 - Meeting with clients and other stakeholders (such as social media influencers). These meetings may involve pitching potential marketing campaigns.

- Developing blog posts for our websites

Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing

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