Update existing web site to new UI and updated corporate brand

$700 - 900 / Per Month
Full Time
Sep 10, 2021

Job Overview

The site has about 100 pages with common components and common js files.  The site uses css3 but not consistent. The site uses Vue3, but you should only need to know html5, css3, and ES6 for this job.  We will provide some training for this job.


1. The css needs to be simplified where possible and made hierarchical. Convert to SASS or SCSS depending on analysis.

2. Use common and nested layouts where possible. The site needs to be converted to the client provided corporate brand colors and sample styles.

3. Much of the work will use html and css, but you will need a decent understanding of javascript to make the UI consistent – or communicate the changes to a senior developer. You will be using VSCode and/or an web based editor that we have created to make changes.

4. Help create components (we will show you how) that represents a standard behavior for reusable parts. For example, popup menu, page menu, navigation, file upload. We already have a lot of these components. You need to clean them up with training provided by us.

5. The site is always changing – almost daily. Create clear and simple notes for the future developer that needs to make changes. 5. You will work with another developer to run unit test to ensure the pages work after changes.

6. Initially you will be working one on one with another developer until you can do more work yourself. The core hours are 8:00 pm PST to 6:00 pm PST. You are expected to be online using a screen sharing tool during the core hours 50% of the time for collaboration and discussion with orther team members.

7. You will provide a brief (one paragraph) daily status of tasks performed - subject to a project or time tracking tool.

8. The first job is expected to be finished in 60 days.  If the scope increases or the job will take more time than estimated, the completion date will be extended. When the first job is finished successfully, there will be subsequent jobs available so no gaps in work will occur.  This position is projected to be long term..

9.  Payment will be weekly the first month and then bi-weekly thereafter. Payment will be made Mondays via Xoom or equivalent.


Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML

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