Full Stack Developer For Custom WordPress Project - Adult Content

$1000 / Per Month
Full Time
Sep 10, 2021

Job Overview

XD files have been prepared for you to implement as a custom wordpress job will be to develop a custom plugin  to implement the following.

1. Allow our professional models to create and update their profiles.

2. Onboard models with ability to upload their ID & digitally sign their contracts within their dashboard. System must email notifications when contract or ID needs to be submitted. Lock their account when contract or ID expires. Send notifications when documents are expiring.

3. Generate a unique Model ID for each of our professional models.

4. Allow our professional models to view sales reports within their My Account page pertaining to content they are in.

5. Ability to set custom payout rates to individual models or apply custom payout rates to bulk selected models.

6. Custom model search page. Ability to find models based on the member's preferences.

7. Custom Product pages with lightbox auto advance sliding images.

8. Ensure NONE of the content on the website can be downloaded or the site cloned. All members must log in to access the content. Directly assist site owner with securing AWS settings. We want to avoid offshore developers having the ability to rip the entire site.

9. Custom style of product images on search pages. Each product featured image needs to have the ability to set a custom frame to designate it as "Premium" "Limited Edition" "Dark Market" or just the standard frame for product content types.

10. Custom checkout procedures - When a customer purchases a set, we would like during checkout a bump offering to complete the collection. The system will identify which items from this set have also not been purchased (also are not in the cart) and give the price to add it to their purchase & update to the new amount charged check they check yes add to my order.

11. Develop a custom page "My valut" for customers to access all of the content they have purchased w/ ability to sort the content they own. When clicked, Sets will launch in a lightbox and auto advance playing that set. End of set will display a complete your collection purchase option.

12. Develop custom cinema within the site. Ability to create playlists. Block ability to watch any of the content unless logged into the site (locked to the domain)

13. Custom onboarding flow for new members. Member will register, if under 18 account creation denied, 18 or older then they will be directed to choose a membership level. If no level is selected they are assigned the free level. If free level is selected they can only view products from the category "livingroom". If they pay for a subscription they can view any category & view model profiles.

14. Dynamic search funcationality will be coded into the site. Users should be able to include or exclude categories of products, keywords, specific models, & other unique identifiers. Predictive text within the search bar is needed as Two of this project will be integration of the multivendor marketplace.

- The products listed in the marketplace will display with the premium darkwood sets & have their own frame.

- The search functionality will allow members to include or exclude marketplace results.

- Vendors must be verified and sign a contract at time of account creation. Admin must approve their account.

- Vendors will have their own reports dashboard.

- Vendors will have custom payout periods (Ability to bulk assign payout periods in admin panel)


The right candidate will be working their hours on USA timezone. & will dedicate full time hours Monday-Friday. Our team works closely via slack & trello throughout the workday. The site owner expects to be pinged for feedback as the project moves along on a daily basis. You will be working along side other developers and designers to help support the project and help you along as needed. We are a team and want everyone to be successful!


Payrate $500 2x per month.

Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Wordpress Development
  • PSD to HTML
  • Wordpress

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