Scheduler (Los Angeles Time Zone

$5.00 - 7 / Per Hour
Full Time
Sep 15, 2021

Job Overview


Do you have experience as a personnel scheduler, production planner, production scheduler or logistician? 

Do you like helping others, especially the elderly or disabled?

Spend less time in traffic and more time with your loved ones!

Enjoy a work-from-home career and be part of a dedicated team! 

Job Summary:

A home care scheduler is the serves as the liaison between the agency, client, caregiver, and payer. Their primary function is to schedule and manage the flow of client care, ensuring that quality service is provided and patient satisfaction is met. 

Schedulers have their eye on the clock always.  They coordinate with caregivers and clients to make sure all shifts (clients) have the right employee assigned to work.  The hard parts of the job are matching the caregiver to the client, which are:

  • Skills

  • Personality

  • Locations of the two

  • Availability of caregiver

  • Time & Pay constraints

Job Duties:

  • Communicate with clients & caregivers on all scheduling related activities

  • Resolve problems regarding scheduling issues.

  • Schedule home care aides based on skillset and availability to ensure all shifts are always covered & care plans are met

  • Document and update all activity in scheduling software

  • Maintain compliance with all legal and company requirements at all times

Qualities of a good scheduler:

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Able to handle stress, conflict, and complaints

  • Empathetic

  • Great customer service

  • Fluent in English

  • Strong time management skills

  • Administrative skills

  • Professional, organized, and confidential


  • 1 year BPO experience: customer service or sales

  • Minimum 1-year scheduling experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required

  • Able to  problem-solve & prioritize 

  • Comfortable in working with a team and also independently with minimal direction

  • Exceptional communication skills & phone etiquette

  • Working knowledge with Gsuite, Slack

  • Able to diffuse conflicts and disagreements, then find a workable solution

  • Good written and verbal communication skills (Minimal or no accent English)

Equipment required:

  • Headset

  • 2 monitors 

  • Backup computer

  • Backup power supply

  • Internet speeds of 10-15MB 

Salary: $5.00-$7.00 based on experience

Schedule:  Friday-Monday: 10 hours/day, 9am-7pm PST. [4 days/week]

Benefit Package 

  • 13th Month Bonus (prorated)

  • Monthly bonuses of $50-$75

  • 50% PHI paid

  • 50% SSS paid


Provide your resume when emailing me.

**ATTN: you will automatically receive a survey after applying. Your application will not be viewed unless you complete the survey.  As assessment will also be sent, so make sure you check your emails. **

Skills Required

  • Project Coordinator
  • Customer Support
  • Other Project Management

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