Associate Community Manager

$500 - 700 / Per Month
Full Time
Oct 06, 2021

Job Overview

We want to collaborate with people who push their definition of excellence every day, who desire full ownership over their ability to make a meaningful impact, and who don’t want to be a cog in a giant machine. We’re looking for creative minds and a deep understanding of building online communities in Discord. The associate Discord manager will build, grow, and manage diverse communities of artists, collectors in the NFT and crypto space. If you enjoy engaging with people from all over the world, love art, love technology and have a forward thinking mentality, then this is the position for you! 


About You:

  1. Excellent communication skills 

  2. Ability to interact with diverse communities 

  3. Have outstanding social media networking skills and the ability to be empathetic towards people's problems and needs

  4. Empathetic, compassionate and kind are at the core of who you are and what you believe in

  5. Understand how to motivate people to engage in meaningful conversations, fun activities and interactive experiences

  6. Autonomous, curious and passionate for learning about art, technology and how to interact with diverse communities

  7. Have basic understanding of NFTs, blockchain and crypto or willing to learn

  8. Your friends and family call you the "life of the party" and you get invited to participate in many group activities. 

  9. Scrappy, self-reliant, and have a knack for understanding what motivates and grows communities


What You’ll Do:

  1. Moderate diverse Discord communities

  2. Engage in conversations, solve problems and build the community

  3. Create and set KPI's and write bi-weekly progress reports

  4. Source and manage internal and external content producers (writers, PR, videographers, etc.) as needed

  5. Plan, manage and participate in virtual events in different Discord servers

  6. Identify trends in Discord communities



  1. Must have a real Twitter with at least 6 months of activity (we know about bots and buying followers and actively check social media profiles for "fake" accounts) Do not waste your time or ours if this is you

  2. Must be able to create meme's using online software quickly (including GIFs, infographics, video content, etc.) to create viral content.

  3. Follow a schedule and set up weekly events on Discord servers to increase engagement

  4. Write bi-weekly reports on Discord Server engagement trends and opportunities for growth and improvement.

  5. Be available for educational sessions where we teach you about the latest trends in NFTs, crypto and Discord management 

  6. Be compassionate and empathetic 

  7. Outstanding writing skills along 

  8. Create content that keeps the community engaged 24/7

  9. Be able to handle in an appropriate manner rude Discord members, trolls and spam bots


Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community Forum Moderation
  • Content Moderation
  • Customer Support
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Twitter Marketing

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