Full stack Php developer with vue.js experience

$50 - 200 / Per Month
Oct 21, 2021

Job Overview

Here is my initial scenario for front and back end:

add single or multiple search term in form using text field or csv

script go to one by one term in google search using rotated proxy from 2 selected provider who provide api based access 

specific amount of url from google search result

also creat url to domain in database table( u dont need to build scraper u just need to modify opensource project) and save time when its searched, url and domain in database, tag them for which keyword its getting result

quickly search in database 

domain information available in database

dont call api, show result from database i add a sample video.

if not available in database:

from scraped result make url to domain

then find domain information using api from 3rd party sources

save those url and domain information,and server time in database

show result in frontend

Here is video screen record from existing saas product:

streamable dot com/eq1u7o


you need to write clean code

you need to have experience in that type of project

also mention few similar work experience

other developer should able to understand later

Please reply as early as possible with your fixed price.

email subject mention "php project 11"


Skills Required

  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • Desktop Applications
  • Python
  • Laravel

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