Are you a Reddit expert?

$0 - 2000 / Per Month
Full Time
Nov 13, 2021

Job Overview

I am looking for someone who is an expert at Reddit and sites like it. I need an assistant who can post on these sites and advertise my OnlyFans / AVN in order to create traffic going to these accounts. I am a BDSM model and want to grow my following so I need someone capable to take care of this for me.


Salary: negotiable based on experience.


-working hours: full-time

-timezone: GMT+1 (but timezone doesn't really matter)

-every 1st of the month (weekly is also possible)

-skills needed: extended knowledge of Reddit and sites like it (quora, 4chan, digg etc.) In order to post in relevant threads and advertise my OnlyFans and AVN accounts.

Skills Required

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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