Full Stack.net Developer

$800 - 1800 / Per Month
Full Time
Nov 15, 2021

Job Overview


  • Understands and follows industry-accepted best practices with development.

  • Implement unit and integration testing during the development.

  • Implement new/update existing pages for/of our web application.

  • Do RnD about new technologies.

  • Develop and design UI/UX for new pages


  • Extensive c# knowledge

  • Proficient with HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Proficient with SQL.

  • Proficient with .net core 3.0 and later

  • Experience with EF core

  • Experience with Azure DevOps

  • Experience with Razor pages

  • Experience with working in an agile environment.

  • Experience with TDD is a plus

  • Knowledge with Blazor .Net 5

  • Knowledge with is a plus

  • Filipinos residing in the Philippines only can apply

Skills Required

  • C#

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