Full Time Video Editor & Creative Assistant

$450 - 650 / Per Month
Full Time
Nov 18, 2021

Job Overview

Want To Be An Awesome Video Editor & Creative Assistant For An Awesome Company?



We are a small Singapore based company, called 1AquaYogaSchool Global. 

We specialise in the following: 

  • Wellness & healing

  • Math education


Click here to read about what we do, and the impact we are making on others:


Till date, we have hired talented individuals from several cities in the Philippines…


Now, we’re looking for an experienced and creative video editor to join our growing Team!

As the video editor of our company you will be responsible for the edits and production of videos for the company. Materials that we normally produce include testimonial videos, ad videos, ad trailers, interview videos and so on. 


Since video is known to be one of the best ways to communicate and promote the company’s messages on online and offline platforms, your position will play an important role in the team’s success.



Although you'll be working remotely ~90% of the time, you might be tasked to support our live events in Singapore or other Asian countries. 


Right now, with the entire world still recovering from 2020, our events are thru the web.

But, when everything hitches off and planes can carry people to and fro, be prepared to hop on the plane, travel to Singapore for a work-cum-retreat trip annually! Air ticket and accommodation is paid for.


​We invest heavily in growth and development, and you'll get to learn alongside with us in world-class business, marketing and personal development programs for FREE.​



The work we do here at 1AquaYogaSchool Global & Trinity is much bigger and beyond us.

We help people stand and walk without pain, heal from degenerative diseases, avoid surgery and live BETTER lives with our healing programs.

Through our work, many people who were close to being paralysed, are now able to regain their ability to walk without pain and live happy fulfilling lives. 


Through the work we do, people heal from insomnia, depression, manage stress better, become more energetic and happier. They become better people for their family and community. They function better at work, and have greater ability to provide for their families. 


Through our Math education services, we mentor and nurture kids to grow up into sensible successful adults who possess the right life skills and core values. They become adults who contribute to society and add value for humanity.


We donate a portion of our profits to an Orphanage Foundation every quarter, and will continue to do so as we grow. By becoming part of our team you are helping us to be able to contribute more.

And much more...

If you want to join a business that serves beyond themselves - you'd be a good fit with us.

If you want to join a team that doesn't treat you like "just-another-staff", instead, if you want to be treated like a precious member on an elite team - you'd be a good fit for us.




Your personal development and professional skillset is our utmost priority.


That’s why we do our best to create a positive and growth-oriented environment. 


We purchased enrichment and self development programs to help our team grow, and continue to do so every quarterly. 


We do this because we believe in helping you to improve yourself daily.


If you are keen to join an organisation that prioritises your growth, we are here :)




- Growth and management of social media accounts - IG, FB 

- Work with our leaders for creative and idea generation

- Follow our branding guidelines

- Regularly communicate and collaborate with other creative & design team member/s 

- Establish a clear understanding of the outcome and purpose for each video production

- Ensure all projects, templates, and raw/edited media files are properly 􏰀transferred, organized, documented and uploaded in our online library

- Trim and cut videos

- Create templates for different types of videos to be edited

- Edit testimonial videos, event trailers, interview videos, ad videos, social media content etc.

- Create intro and outro video graphics for videos

- Create, edit, and add frames or lower-thirds on videos

- Use computer editing apps and systems for video media and effects

- Present all edited media files to the team for evaluation

- Improve video and sound quality of media files using editing software

- Initiate to explore and propose strategies on how to promote the company through the use of videos

- Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximise efficiency




- Has a background and experience in video editing

- Is familiar with the different video formats and requirements for different online platforms

- Has experience on editing trailers and interview videos

- Can create animations, effects and graphics

- Can demonstrate video editing ability with a portfolio

- Has a creative mind and good storytelling skills

- Has the ability to multi-task and work toward several milestones on various projects simultaneously 

- Has basic IG & FB skills

- Excellent communication skills

- Solid attention to detail

- Has a desire to improve and grow with the team


- Motivated self-learner. You’ll be exposed to a buffet of learning opportunities and resources, you must be hungry to learn and be driven to do so autonomously.

- Analytical and logical thinker. Organized and able to closely follow structures, standards and processes.

- Separate, closed-off space in your home office, where background sounds will not be heard.

- Your own computer and high-speed internet connection. Must have a good computer with a web camera and has very good internet speed connection as will need to connect / communicate through Zoom meetups very often.

- Whatsapp installed - we use this for daily team communication

- Contingency plans for power brownouts, natural disasters, and personal emergencies

- Able to communicate and write in English. Must be very good with the language.

- Must be very good with Google Drive, Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.

- Has the ability to multitask and work toward several milestones on various projects simultaneously

- Analytical and meticulous (Solid attention to detail)

- Independent (Someone who has initiative & discipline to do the work and not chased for work to be done)




​If you're looking for part-time or short-term job. This is NOT for you.

This is ONLY FOR:

  • Someone looking for a FULL time job

  • Someone looking for a financially, emotionally and spiritually rewarding career

  • Someone who takes pride in and enjoy your work

  • Someone that loves to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and enjoys seeing the look of joy, transformation and satisfaction after people experience your hard work

  • Someone who is on-the-ball, organised and can fix things so they work



Before you apply, take this simple 4 step test to find if this role is suitable for you or not.

1) Check out the work we do at our website and Instagram page


If you do NOT find these transformations and results appealing to your heart and don’t want to be a part of it - don’t apply.

2) Head to Youtube and check out these videos:



If you are NOT excited to edit and create similar types of videos, don’t apply.


3) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself creating, editing and being near videos for the next 3 years? If the answer is no, don’t apply.


4) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself working full-time; and extra hours not because I have to, but because I've lost track of time?” If the answer is no, don’t apply


5) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself exploring and working with this elite team for at least the next 3 years?” If the answer is no, don’t apply.

6) Ask yourself, “Do I believe I’m great at what I do and do it much better than most people?” If the answer is no, don’t apply.



Follow the instructions carefully and do all 4 steps below:

1. Send an email to with the subject line: “Full time VIDEO EDITOR & CREATIVE ASSISTANT”.


2. In your email, tell me specific answers how you “pass” the 6 step test above. 


Give me supporting information on how you see yourself achieving all of those 6 criteria above. And also include a segment on how much you want to be paid for the next one year.


I prefer to see 6 distinct answers and also a segment on the payment.


2. Attach a link to your online video and creative portfolio. Make sure it is accessible to us.


3. Also, tell me ONE thing about yourself that your friends/parents may not even know.


Lastly, thanks for applying and looking forward to working with you to grow our organisation!



Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Video Editing

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