Social Media management + Photoshop

$5 / Per Day
Part Time
Nov 30, 2021

Job Overview

I'd be after a graphic designer who can post photos on Instagram daily. They will have to create a cover photo, with their graphic design skills. This job is part-time as it only requires 1-2 hours of work a day. The price you will be paid is $5 a day by completing 10 posts. The posts need to be of high quality, you cannot just screenshot an existing post and put your own words over it. You need to search the web to find a new image relating to the post and write a similar headline yourself. You will need to copy the caption and make it similar. Always use hashtags at the end of the post. You can generate hashtags using apps. If you know what you are doing, the posts should be easy. You can easily get new post information and ideas from other accounts that I'm following. I will go more in-depth about how the work will be executed. When making the cover photos for the new post, you will need to create them using photoshop or any other photo editing software.


Job description

  • Post 10x A day (at least 5 reels) including captions

  • Post 3 stories a day. 

  • Make 10 cover photos per post 

Skills Required

  • Social Media Moderation

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