The BEST opportunity for you! Amazon Wholesale - We want to hire a person to look for wholesale distributors or manufacturers for products on amazon

$100 - 500 / Per Month
Dec 06, 2021

Job Overview


I am looking for a person which has the knowledge and tools to find GOOD products on and also to find the BEST providers for the products you found on

The applicant needs to have the following knowledge - Amazon Wholesale: KEEPA, JUNGLE SCOUT / Helium 10 Black Box, RevSeller. With these tools, the applicant needs to find the right products/sellers and get a wholesale offer from them. Also, the applicant needs to have a GOOD level of writing & speaking English.

That GOOD product must have the following characteristics:

- a minimum of 2000 sales per month

- a maximum of 4 sellers

- a minimum of 4.4 stars for reviews

- a minimum ROI of 30%

- not perishable

- no variations

- no Amazon per listing

- we MUST see If we can sell this product !!!

- we MUST make the first order at the provider !!!

- FBA wholesale

I will pay you $100 for the product!

If the product has more sales than 2000 I will pay more for that, also if the product has fewer sales than 2000 I will pay less than $100.

Thank you!

Severica Vintila, Owner


Skills Required

  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

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