Human Resource Virtual Assistant - Recruiter

$300 - 500 / Per Month
Full Time
Dec 08, 2021

Job Overview

Job Description:

  1. Assist to establish and improve the company's human resources system construction;

  2. Generate leads, screen resumes and recommend candidates.

  3. Conduct interviews and follow-up with whole onboarding process;

  4. Develop and maintain employment relationship;

  5. Assess and manage employee performance routinely.



  1. College-graduare or above;

  2. HR Recruiter and performance assessment experience is highly preferred; 

  3. Excellent in English; 

  4. Skilled in using Microsoft Office;

  5. Enthusiastic , proactive and self-driven; able to work under great pressure;

  6. Responsible, collaborative and good communication-skilled;

  7. Team work is valued

Apply here or message me on Skype - HR IRE 


Skills Required

  • Human Resource Management
  • Recruitment Assistant

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