Real Estate Admin Assistant/Lead Manager and Real Estate Marketing Specialist

$$640 - 800 / Per Month
Full Time
Dec 08, 2021

Job Overview

Please follow the instructions in the job posting. Read all of the information.

Only those that do so will be considered.

We are looking for a full-time team member that demonstrates the ability to problem solve, is self-managed, and has leadership ability. This is a key position and excellence is a must. Full-time focus and commitment, reliable, tech-savvy, excellent communication skills (verbal and written), and the desire for a long-term, growth-orientated role.

This is on a graveyard shift: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST. We need someone comfortable working on these hours. We are looking for someone with no prior commitments and/or no other client for a full-time position. Must be able to work Tuesday-Saturday at a minimum.


- Extreme attention to detail and resourcefulness: We cannot reiterate this enough - we live by the process. Everything is being done ‘by the process’. We need someone who can read through the lines carefully, be able to think analytically, and do fact-finding research on their own.

- Self-managed and takes initiative: Be able to jump on tasks independently and do them efficiently - the goal is having to touch a task once and checked once.

- Cautious and attentive: Each transaction should be done with thought and with full attention.

- Tech-savvy: Be able to manage and navigate through different systems and cloud-based productivity tools with ease.

- Communicative: Great verbal and written English

- Ability to problem-solve, owns the role, strong admin skills, and time-efficient.

- Real Estate knowledge is highly preferred (terminologies, etc.)

- Creative: Comfortable in writing content, and knowledgeable with SEO practices. (Marketing position)

Responsibilities are but not limited to:

- Oversee all aspects of buyers' and sellers' transactions from listing to closing, must be able to follow and create detailed processes.

- Communicate all parts of the transaction to all parties involved.

- Lead management.

- Social Media Management and Content Creation: Basic photo editing, creating presentations, basic video editing, writing content for social media, blogs, and descriptive writing for listings with SEO practices. (Marketing position)


Apply to this job post so we can send you the application link.

"Consistency is the key!" is the magic sentence to see if you have read the job description.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Real Estate Services

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