Video Editor / Motion Graphics Animator

$300 - 600 / Per Month
Full Time
Dec 15, 2021

Job Overview

We are video production company that provides content creation and event production services to a diverse range of clients. We enjoy using our creative and technical skills to produce modern and engaging content that influences audiences in a positive, uplifting, and engaging way.

We are seeking a Video Editor to join our Multimedia team. Our team works on a a diverse range of projects throughout the year. We produce, live performances, events, commercials, and short form promotional content for social media. The successful candidate for this job will love using the tools of our craft to create engaging stories and content that help our clients stand out.

The successful applicant will possess the following:

  • Strong and efficient Video Editing skills, crafting words on screen and shaping cuts through multiple iterations.

  • Strong ability in Motion Graphics. Ability to Conceive, Layout, Design, Edit, and shape high quality, layered, Motion Graphic TV commercials that communicate the narrative, goals and agenda of the script

  • Easily and comfortably communicate with our team and participate in brainstorms with leaders to share new design perspectives and creative ideas.

  • Excellent research skills in finding appropriate stock footage & audio selection to fit the narrative

  • Ability to identify notable lines and best takes from interview footage for use in ads.

  • Technically proficient in managing and editing raw video footage (from Arri Alexa, Red, Sony), and excellent skills in color grading raw footage.

  • Proficient in efficient editing workflows, use of Google Dive etc.

  • Have a reliable, fast editing system at home with fast internet connection. Be up to date and well versed in the latest motion graphics processes, methods, plugins.

  • Knowledge of conforming and adapting finished TV ads into multiple formats for social media platforms (1x1, 9x16 vertical format etc)

You also have:

  • The ability to work unsupervised as well as collaboratively delivering against tight deadlines while meeting high-quality standards.

  • Strong quality control skills and attention to visual detail is an absolute must

  • Are self-motivated with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • Excellent interpersonal and technical problem-solving skills


  • 1+ years motion graphic design / animation experience

  • Highly proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects & Premiere primarily or Final Cut Pro

  • Political TV commercial editing is a huge advantage and should be noted and highlighted with your application

  • A degree or similar experience/interest preferred

Skills Required

  • Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing

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