Video Editor

$300 - 600 / Per Month
Full Time
Dec 16, 2021

Job Overview

What I'm Looking For:

  • An experienced YouTube Editor who can edit both vlogs and dialogue videos

  • An Editor who is capable of posting AT LEAST one video per day with the content I provide

  • An Editor who is familiar with posting on YouTube

  • An Editor who is familiar with short form content like TikTok

  • Someone who is familiar with the Philippines as a country (the provinces, places to visit, the people, the culture, etc.)

  • Someone who can easily follow directions to make adjustments and revise the YouTube videos

What to Expect:

  • Consistent daily uploads to my YouTube channel - "The Savvy Expat"

  • Edit content that are both vlogs and dialogue videos all pertaining to living in the Philippines

  • You will be editing content on my life living in the Philippines as a Fil-Am expat so it would be helpful if you are knowledgeable about the Philippines to give suggestions on my videos

  • Uploads to my Patreon as well as my YouTube channel

  • I will walk you through how my videos are edited and overtime, I expect that videos are edited similar to how I edit, while still adding your own creativity

  • At times, I will need additional help in finding real estate deals online for my subscribers (it's very easy)

  • You will be able to work from home but it is preferable that you live in Manila or close proximity to BGC

  • I speak English but understand some Tagalog

About Me:

Hi, my name is Evan and I am a Filipino American from Chicago, Illinois. I moved to the Philippines 3 years ago and I make YouTube videos for expats that are moving to the Philippines. The majority of my videos consist of vlogs in the Philippines as well as real estate deals for my subscribers moving to the Philippines


Here's a link to my YouTube channel:

Feel free to contact me so that we can get started on posting consistent YouTube videos. Take care and I'll talk to you soon!


Skills Required

  • Logo Design
  • Personal Assistant
  • YouTube Marketing

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