$400 - 450 / Per Month
Jan 04, 2022

Job Overview


We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team as a Candidate Associate. Daily tasks would primarily be to help us submit, onboard, and manage our candidates.

Quality Nurses is a two-year-old startup providing jobs for travel nurses all over the United States. We work with the largest companies in our industry, so any experience with them or their platforms is ideal, but not required. Since we are having success with another company’s BPOs we have decided to start our own BPO teams in Manila in 2022. With three of our partners having direct ties to the Philippines it is a natural next step for our company and we want to prioritize hiring leaders who can help us as we build teams for them to oversee. Our growth has been exponential, and we need teammates willing to learn our processes and ideally ones who would also like to advance in their careers to eventually rise to manage other team leads as we plan for our team to grow deep roots in the Manila community.


Compensation and Benefits:

 20,000-23,000 pesos/month depending on experience (paid on the 15th and 30th)

 Monthly internet stipend to ensure you have the fastest most reliable internet connection

 New laptop after first 9 months of work

 Guaranteed annual raise of inflation for that year plus an additional 1-2%

 Loyalty appreciation gifts every 3 years (cash bonus, new smart phone, tickets for you and friends to sports or concert event of your choice, all-expense paid vacation for you and family to resort on a surrounding island, etc.)


Requirements for this role include the following:

 Position is remote, but currently only accepting candidates located in Manila.

 Must have a computer capable of video conference calls (camera and microphone needed).

 Must have reliable internet connection in the place where you will work from.

o Your ability to work will all depend on your internet connection. To be considered you must be confident with your internet capabilities including trouble shooting and setting up internet connections.

o Must be willing to use PLDT as your internet provider. We will select a plan that is fully covered by the stipend.

 A place where you can focus on your work uninterrupted

o Since this is a remote position, we need to be confident you will be able to give your undivided attention to your work and your team while you are clocked in.

o Interviews will be conducted via zoom in the room where you will show us how you can be confident you will not be interrupted.

 Must be available to work HST hours to match our business hours. Our business hours in the US will be from 9 am to 5 pm HST.

 Must have keen eyes for details such as expiration dates, missing documentation, unsatisfied requirements, etc.

 Must be proficient in English language; speaking, reading, and writing: No formal writing is required but ability to communicate clearly via email or other form of communication will be expected.

 Must be flexible and able to reprioritize quickly when new priorities arise.

o Associates will handle multiple candidates at different stages of the candidate lifecycle. Ability to prioritize will be necessary to ensure submissions are completed in a timely manner.

 Must be a problem solver, not easily overwhelmed with unknown challenges that may arise.

 Must be able to follow instructions closely. We aim to provide detailed video and written instructions to help you be confident in what you are doing.

 Must be willing to help new hires.

 Reliability and confidentiality: we handle time sensitive and highly confidential information.

o Reliability will be expected of all employees to prevent delays and rejection.

o Confidentiality will be highly regulated as personal information will be shared.


Startup companies are exciting and highly challenging. Providing opportunities to highly motivated individuals will be key to our success. Although the requirements that we provide may be extensive, we value motivation, reliability, trustworthiness, and willingness to learn as an integral part of our company and we are willing to consider any candidates that exhibit these core values as we hope for this to be a life-long relationship we build together.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Personal Assistant

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