Customer service for hotels- Chat & phone support

$70 USD per week
Full Time
Jul 19, 2018

Job Overview

Opportunity to be part of a fast growing company that operates small hotels. We are looking to hire a well-spoken person to communicate with our guests over SMS, email, messaging, and on the phone. Plenty of room to advance and grow within the company.

Responsibilities include:

-Answering guest questions on any of the mediums mentioned above
-Walking guests through check-in procedures
-Screening reservations based on our criteria
-Responding to guest complaints and finding the appropriate solutions
-5 hours of admin work per week during scheduled shifts

Required Skills:
-Strong English skills- both verbal and written
-Understanding of messaging platforms and VOIP- these will be provided
-Polite and confident with a great deal of patience
-Problem-solving attitude

Hours and compensation: $70 USD for full time (40 hours)- You may work on other work during your shift as long as you answer all our messages within 5 minutes and complete the 5 hours of admin work each week.

Technical requirements:
-High-quality microphone to make VOIP calls- software will be provided
-Fast and reliable internet connection

All applicants must complete the following screening questions. Applications without these questions will not be considered:

  1. Follow the instructions in the "STAYD Hiring Verbal Test Instructions" at this link- Submit the link to you recording as the answer to this question.

  2. Complete an online speed test at Please list your your results in this format: "Download speed = (insert number) mbps, Upload speed = (insert number) mbps"

  3. Pretend that a customer named Mike sends you an SMS that says, "Do you have a pizza place you recommend in Jersey City, NJ (United States)"? Search online for an answer and type your response to the customer below, which would be sent by SMS.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Customer Support
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

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