Technical Support & Lead Generation

Full Time
Jan 23, 2019

Job Overview

Looking for a tech support and Lead Generation Specialist

Job description- absolute accountability to make sure all software applications are running.

You do not have to have coding skills.


Job title includes:

Tech Support

1. Sofware set-up

2. Testing features are working

3. Liasing with team members and software tech support to make sure features are working

4. Maintaining quality assurance tables

5. Perform tests

6. Promptly Alert Team  and liase with customer support if any issues.

7. Lead generation purchase , installation ( liase wwith support ) software supervision.

8. Make sure online chat is working

9. Make sure all calls are forwarded appropriately ( for a team of five )

10. Make sure all call to text features are working

Lead Generation:

1. Perform outbound lead prospecting and generation through extensive phone and email communication

2. Generate sales-ready appointments and ensure each lead is well-qualified

3. Meet or exceed productivity goals /call expectation


An energentic proactive person is required, who can interact with team members, and is comfortable working graveyard shift. Salary is negotiable depending on skillset and can be increased for someone who has a background in sales or lead generation . 

Skills Required

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