Are you an INSTAGRAM expert?

$300 per month
Full Time
Apr 03, 2019

Job Overview

We are looking for somebody to help us GROW our follower base on INSTAGRAM for our swimwear brand

We do NOT need help making content for posts. We are just looking for someone who can help us with following, liking and engaging with people who are genuinely interested in our brand and increase & grow our social media following and outreach. The work needs to be done manually in a targeted way.

We will expect you to achieve weekly and monthly targets. We need people who have:

1) Experience and confidence to carry out the targeted outreach on Instagram. 

2) Good work ethic, hard working and diligent.

3) Can be trusted to work alone but also work and communicate with us on a daily basis - you will be part of the team.

4) Good level of English reading & writing.

5) Good focus and detail to attention.

We are looking for people who worked with companies like AMPFLUENCE - so you should have some previous experience of this work. We will interview everybody on Skype in English. 

Your salary will start at $300 per month until you can prove that you are a trustworthy and valuable member of our team. This will not be paid in advance, but after every 2 weeks. If you become a strong and invaluable member of the team the salary will be renegotiated. 

Good Luck!!!

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Instagram Marketing

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