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May 30, 2019

Job Overview

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a website developer to help build a WordPress site for our company.  

We have a theme already "LoveTravel" and we have started play around with the design, so we have a good idea of what we want it to look like but we don't have the time to do all the edits and a full build of the site.

We'll provide the web developer the log in and then send screenshots of what we need adjusted (colours, positioning, fonts, photos, videos etc...)

We're looking for an experienced person that can also bring in other themes/add-ons to get the desired look, feel and functionality.  You will need to be able to link the website to our booking system and so a user can book tours through the website.

We have a couple of graphic designers we use, but if you do graphic design or have someone you use that can help with the look of the website, that's fantastic.

We would like applicants to send websites they have designed and created on WordPress.

We are happy to pay an hourly rate, so include what you charge but as part of this process, before we start this project we will require a quote from you on how long you expect each part to take.  For this, we will send you all the links & log-ins so you can have a look at what we want and we can show you on each page what we need doing.  From this you can provide a guideline on how long you think it will take, but then charge by the hour and we will pay weekly via PayPal or Western Union.

Ideally you will be available full time, but for a really good designer they can also work on it part time as long as it can be completed within 4-6 weeks.

FYI, we are based in Australia and work the hours (9am-4pm AEST)



By Earth & Ocean

Skills Required

  • Wordpress Development
  • HTML
  • Wordpress

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