Social Media Assistant

Jun 14, 2019

Job Overview

Are you looking to learn and improve 

I need someone who has great written English skills, a computer with at least 15 megabit download and at least 5 megabit upload speeds, 16 MegaBytes of RAM.

Please provide proof you have the required internet speed and computer.

Someone who can work fast and do complete the following daily tasks:

Log into my remote desktop and:

Post 3 posts per day on facebook and linkedin

Send 30 connect requests daily and log them into a google drive sheet

Take screenshots in a facebook group of people who post about their results

Send the screenshots to someone else (skype)

Research 2 videos/posts daily on Reddit and Imgur that are related to business in some way and went viral

I prefer to hire those who have a family they support and who are proactive about getting work done on time, not just "fill in some hours".

Include in your application:

Please send me your internet speed test, picture of your desk/work environment/room and tell me which of my linkedin posts you like the most and why. 

Please respond to the following questions in your application:

Which skills have you learned in the last 12 months that you're proud of?

What are you still looking to learn?

How many days in 2018 did you travel?

Have you been truthful with every answer on this list of questions?

Please do not send CVs as your application.

Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing

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