Client Advisor

Full Time
Jul 04, 2019

Job Overview

Your Career 


Your primary goal is to ensure our processes run smoothly. This primarily involves: 1) Continual improvement of our processes, 2) Ensuring consistent quality control in the execution of our processes and 3) Creating new processes.

Your Role

Client Advisor: Your primary goal is to ensure our processes run smoothly. While a majority of the tasks will be repetitive, there will also be many one-time research and other project-based tasks to work on. This primarily involves: 

     Maintaining quality control, which requires a high level of attention to detail.

     Testing, improving, simplifying and streamlining processes.

     Conducting web research.

     Communicating with clients and scheduling phone calls.

     Managing and responding to emails and working in Microsoft Office.

     Gathering and reviewing data from clients.

     Processing transactions.

     Uploading content to websites and maintaining quality.

     Posting, removing and updating online advertisements.

     Doing one-time projects.



About Us

Who is Morgan & Westfield? Our only specialty is selling businesses. As business brokers, we are similar to real estate agents, except we only sell businesses, not just the building. We sell restaurants, dry cleaners and even automobile dealerships. The sale of a business is the most important transaction in a business owner's life and we remember that on every transaction.

The most common services and benefits a broker provides to clients include the following:

     Valuation - Assist clients in establishing an estimate or appraisal.

     Offering Document - Prepare a 50+ page document outlining the potential for buyers.

     Marketing - Increase exposure by marketing the business to prospective buyers.

     Screening - Screen buyers for the ability to complete a purchase.

     Negotiations - Coordinate negotiations and provide deal-structuring advice.

     Confidentiality - Help maintain confidentiality of the sale.

     Paperwork - Prepares all business and legal documents to properly affect the sale.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Email Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Strategic Planning

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