Multi-skilled Personal Assistant

Part Time
Sep 17, 2019

Job Overview

Hello there,

I need a multi-skilled personal assistant who will be next to me all the time for my all projects. I did not hire anyone so far in my life as a VA, However, I am excited to meet you and work together.

We will work mainly on eCommerce websites. Sometimes I will give you specific tasks too.

I want to see the following criteria; (Please read the full page to understand what I am after. You may not know all of them listed below, but you might be still be the person I am looking for.)

I want to touch upon 4 skill areas.

1. Writing skills

2. Technical skills

3. Marketing/Sales Skills

4. Personal skills ( *Maybe the most important one )

1) Writing Skills

-Excellent English Writing. => I may ask you to write content for certain web pages.

-Excellent Copy Writer. => I will ask you to write ad copies, product titles, compelling product descriptions. Sometimes sales copies.

2) Technical Skills

-WordPress knowledge. => I am a huge WordPress fan. I do almost everything with WordPress. If you know WordPress that might help very well.

-Some common WordPress themes and plugins such as; Woocommerce, Flatsome theme, Divi theme, Optimize Press, Thrive Themes, etc. You do not have to know all of them. But these tools are the tools that I use time to  time

-Graphic design and Video. => I will handle for now. But if you can handle these tasks that might be very well. I can give you this kind of jobs as well. For example, I may ask you to design something just under add to cart button to increase the trust of website visitors. I have many premium images and design sources so I can give you access to them and you can use them. I will be always with you, No Stress.

3) Marketing/Sales Skills

-We will use mainly use Facebook and Google Ads. 

-We will be active in social media. You might post to our pages.

-You do not have to know everything about this section. But that would be just fine if you are familiar with the concept.

4) Personal Skills ( * This part is important)

-Forget about everything above in part #2 and #3. You may not be excellent in those parts. If you believe you can learn and improve your self reply to me. 

-I need someone who can find a solution for the tasks. You may not know. But you can hire someone for me and let it done. or You can constantly learn and improve yourself as well.

-I like respectful people. We both will be respectful to each other. If we can not get along, we will respect our decision and stop working in peace.

-Also, do not forget, you are working for me. I expect you to respect my work and decisions. Do not worry, I might be one of the kindest people you may ever work. But work discipline is the key to a successful business. Hope you understand.

-I may want to do a brainstorm and get your ideas about the project. Please be open to this.

-If you are an organized person and have a good work habit i probably will like you very much. 

Did you like my post. Are you one of the people I look for? Do you want to work with me and follow the success stairs together? You will be my first VA. Reply to me and talk further.

*Necessary training will be given

*First I need part-time like 10h/w. Then we may work full time together.

*I can pay you every week or 2 weeks or month, as you wish. And your payment will be like clockwork. I hate making people wait for their wages. 


Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Web Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Wordpress

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