Need 10 - 20 Assistants to Help with Emailing Tasks

$.03 per contact form found, sent, added to sheet
Oct 12, 2019

Job Overview



I'm looking for hard workers who can help with various email tasks. One person will be assigned to one task at a time. For example, connecting on LinkedIn and messaging a certian number per day or Googling an industry I give you, then filling out a "contact us" form with the information and template I provide. Everything will be kept in a shared folder and invoiced for weekly. I will pay per approved email (I don't pay for duplications).

If you are looking for a job that pays you money here or there, this isn't for you. You will have to work during business day and business hours like a real job... not just when you need money. You will have to complete at LEAST 75 emails per day. You should be responsive and be able to reply to me and my emails in a timely manner. I'm very easy to work with if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Please email if you are interested and complete the following test.


You would Google the term and then each of the 50 US states one at a time, then go one by one down each page on Google and email  every contact you find.

You must be able to accept Paypal

We will have ONE master shared sheet where you would put every single entry

You can NOT duplicate the email or contact form

You would invoice every Friday.

You MUST complete at least 75 emails per day.

Pay is $.03 PER CONTACT US FORM filled out and sent. I will provide you with the information you need. 

For any that do NOT have a Contact Form, which almost ALL will, I will provide you with MY EMAIL information to login and send. All emails are to be sent ONE by ONE, not as a CC or BCC. One email to one person at a time.

Here is an example:

1 - I Googled "sport nutritionist florida"

2 - I went to the first actual nutritionist website

3 - In her website you look for contact or scroll around. She has an email listed at the bottom, BUT she also has a "contact me" form on the bottom right. If you click this, it brings you to the form. From there, I will provide you with the template and what info to use and you will send. You ALSO MUST use the first name of the person, "Hello, Barbara"

4 - If you understand this process, please find an example and send it to me as a test so I know you will do it correctly. From there, we will get you started with your exact category, and you will send a screenshot BEFORE actually sending the first one so I know the grammar is all correct.

5 - Once you find and send, again, I will have a master sheet were you will put the website of who you already emailed. This way it will pop-up if you go to email them again.

You MUST meet your daily minimums.

Please send your sample for "holistic doctor florida" if you are interested, thanks.


Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Support

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