Quality Assurance Specialist

Full Time
Jan 17, 2020

Job Overview

The Credit Pros is looking for amazing new full-time teammates to join our team in supporting our mission of improving the Quality Assurance Department.

This job is perfect for you if you are smart, proactive, eager to learn, have determination, persistence, and a positive attitude. No experience needed. We love teaching fast learners.

Do you have a working Ethernet cable?

What is your internet speed?

What are your computer specs?

Do you have a working webcam?

Do you have experience working in google sheets, docs, etc?

The position involves:

• Listening to phone calls made by our agents and scoring them using our proprietary scorecard system.

• Coaching agents whenever needed to improve certain behaviors.

• Analysis depending on your Line of Business and based on the reports provided.

For this position we require:

• Technical Competency

• Working according to US EST business hours

• Fluency in the English language

• A quiet working space

• Have a reliable computer, headset, and webcam

• Have a reliable source/s of internet

We look forward to working with you!

Skills Required

  • Quality Assurance
  • Speaking
  • Writing

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