Web Content Writer

Full Time
Jan 26, 2020

Job Overview

*What we're looking for*

We're looking for a cutting edge web content writer to help make content marketing/SEO a success on our website.  Our team architected Facebook's search engine and already knowledgable content marketing/SEO basics - but since building search engines is very different from optimizing organic traffic, we're looking for people to help us:


* Write high quality, well researched 4,000-5,000 word travel guides on interesting travel destinations similar to this one here: />
* Do deep city and country travel research

* Map out the what specific content should be written in coordination with SEO keywords to maximize organic traffic

* Help optimize content structure on our website

* Work with content strategists to refine written material

* Work with SEO experts and engineers to improve the SEO structure of our site

*Who are we?* 

We’re a small team of ex-Facebookers that architected Facebook's search engine, built Facebook's adtech products and grew it to $2BN+ in 2 years, and we've also worked on mobile, youth, and growth. Our team also:

* Founded/sold a healthcare tech company to reduce readmissions from heart attacks and heart failure

* Served tens of millions of teachers, parents and students at an education tech startup

* Can’t talk about their work with the FBI and NSA no matter how much we ask

*About Moonfish*

We believe travel has the power to transform people. Whether it’s exposing you to new ideas and experiences, allowing you to recharge, connecting more deeply with loved ones, or bridging the distance between friends and family, travel plays a pivotal role in our lives. Moonfish exists to make those experiences more accessible, and to help people lead their most interesting lives. Today, we do that by processing massive amounts of flight pricing data to find the best deals, personalized for you. We know that one of the biggest barriers to travel is cost, so we’re focusing on that first. Over the next few years, Moonfish will grow into every part of your travel experience.

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Web Content Writing
  • SEO

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