Simple Instagram Outreach

$1/ hour
Mar 23, 2020

Job Overview

What's our goal?

We have a private Ecommerce brand. We are starting our Instagram ambassador program. We will promote it with manual actions on other users of the platform. The vision is to scale it to have over 100+ people performing manual actions daily.

What's the job?

This will be a very simple job in the beginning, performing easy Instagram actions like commenting, sending DMs and replying to DMs. The pay will be USD$1 / month. It can be higher as you get to a Manager position, but please note this.

We need someone to start this with, we will train and communicate with you 1 on 1 until you are trained. You need Instagram management and understanding of the platform and the limits of it.

We need someone with management skills as you will start performing the work and as we grow we will need more and more people on board fast.

You need to be able to grow fast, be able to manage a team and be hands-on in the beginning. You will be performing A/B tests with copy so you will need to be very organized and be able to judge results fast.

Also, if you are able to hire qualified people when the time comes that will be great. This is a big project, so if you do a good job you will be able to grow in the company. Write the word "red" in your application. We look forward to interviewing you, please explain your skills and prior experience as detailed as possible.

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Project Coordinator
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Recruitment Assistant

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