Webflow Expert For Pet Supplement Brand [IMMEDIATE HIRE]

$5.00 USD + Performance Bonus
Mar 28, 2020

Job Overview


KetoVet is a pet supplement company selling “keto” supplements for dogs. My brand is looking for an elite level website designer VA with strong experience in Webflow to join our team. The primary responsibility for the VA would be to develop funnels for the brand . We are in the beginning stages of building the brand and the VA will have the opportunity to learn from how a business is built from the ground up.

What’s important to us

  1. Excellent quality of work

  2. Fast turnaround

  3. Not shy and asks questions

  4. Unique, new creative ideas

Apply with the following questions answered:

  1. How are you ELITE in WEBFLOW? Provide examples.

  2. Are you shy about asking questions?

  3. Describe the best boss you had and his personality.

  4. Describe the worst boss you had and his personality.

  5. Do you have pets? What do you like most about pets?

  6. Do you research and tell us this. What do you know about keto and how it can help pets? 

Please email answers to the questions to Nikhil at

Once I receive your email with the answers, I will send you the test. All applicants will be asked to complete a funnel test design on WEBFLOW and the winner will be awarded the job. The winner of the test will also receive a $15 winner bonus with the first paycheck.

Thank you,


Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • Ecommerce / Shopping Carts
  • HTML

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