Facebook Marketplace Assistant

Apr 19, 2020

Job Overview

Hello. I need workers who will post products of my dropshipping store to Facebook marketplace.

I will provide the text and photos. Your task will be to copy and paste the posts. You will also answer buyer questions when he/she will message you on Facebook.


I offer a percentage margin from each sold item.  I think 20% of each dropshipping sale + bonuses (if you sell a lot) is fair.  You will know what's you've managed to sell on Facebook. I will publish monthly reports of your sales, so everything is clear and fair.


So, If an item costs $25. The price I must order is $15. The dropshipping split is $10, so you will receive $2 from each sell. Please remember that Facebook Marketplace is global, so it will add to a decent sum. 

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Web Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Craigslist Marketing

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