Virtual Sales Assistant

3.00 per hour PLUS weekly bonuses upto $500
Full Time
Jun 10, 2020

Job Overview

Virtual Assistant (USA)

compensation: $3.00 per hour PLUS weekly bonuses upto $500 per deal your generate.

employment type: full-time








Can You Work:

📌Monday – Friday

📌11am – 7pm Central Times United States

📌As A Full-Time Employee To Be Paid Weekly?

If so, my real estate company is hiring for the perfect person for a very critical role within our business IMMEDIATELY.



◾️Respond to all leads either through a text message or phone call through our online phone system with the goal of asking a series of scripted questions.

◾️Set appointments for our Sales Manager.

◾️Conduct daily follow-up calls to convert all leads into sales appointments

◾️Enter all lead information into the company’s database.

◾️Organize data within excel spreadsheets.



In order for you to prosper with our team, you must be excitedly open & positive about learning our systems, processes and on-going trainings.

◾️Team Player:

Being a team player means that you’ll pitch in as needed with other task that the team will need help with.


With this being a work-at-home position with no direct supervision, you must be disciplined to show up to work on time every time and maintain your job duties throughout the day especially after dealing with difficult prospects that can possibly frustrate your endeavors.

◾️Excellent English:

This is extremely important. You must have an American accent!

◾️Excellent Verbal Communication:

Must be able to communicate clearly and be able to start, hold and direct a conversation in a cheerful but firm manner. It must be a pleasure to talk to you.

◾️Amazing Interpersonal Skills:

Because you will be talking to all types of personalities with most of them going through a difficult time in their life, you must be able to listen, communicate and engage with all prospects in a warm and friendly manner so that the homeowner will feel comfortable enough to have a conversation with you in order for you to extract the critical information your role requires you to gather.

◾️Perseverance & Tenacious Attitude:

Must have a winner’s competitive spirit, willing to get the job done no matter what!

◾️Happy, Positive, and Optimistic Attitude.

Must be able to remain focus throughout the day especially from interacting with and receiving multiples of no’s as well as rude attitudes from prospects.

◾️Respectful and Empathetic Attitude:

Must be able to maintain and express high levels of the above in order to establish rapport with homeowners.

◾️Able to talk on the phone for long periods at a time.

Your job will be on the phone 95% of the time so you must like talking.

◾️Quiet workspace or environment with no background noise.

No one likes a lot of background noise when talking to someone on the phone especially if they already do not want to be on the phone in the first place.

◾️Able to type and enter data while on the phone:

While on the phone asking your questions and dialogue with prospects, you must be able to type that information into our CRM database.

◾️Problem Solver:

Must be able to offer suggestions in improving or solving any flaws or problems in the company’s processes or procedures if needed or as you experience it.

We value speed and a efficient work flow so if you feel you have ideas on how to improve your current tasks to speed up time without losing the quality of your performance, you will be recognized for doing so during your performance evaluations.

◾️Interested in becoming a long-term team/family member.

We are looking to hire someone that would like to grow with this organization and be a part of our family culture. We take pride in family, loyalty and friendship and in-return, my personal goal as the owner of this organization is to make sure I do everything I can to help all my team members realize their own personal goals, dreams and aspirations they may have for themselves!

◾️Previous experience in one or more of the following:

▪️Customer service


▪️Cold calling

▪️Appointment setting

▪️Data entry

▪️Real estate


▪️Or any other related fields.

◾️Computer & Internet with the following specs:

▪️Fully functioning 64bit desktop/laptop

▪️Preferably have 2 computer monitor screens

▪️Windows 7 or newer

▪️4gb ram

▪️USB headset with noise-cancelling

▪️Wired internet connection of 5 mbps upload speed or more

▪️Updated modem

▪️Backup generator or alternative location for any power outages


◾️$3 hr

◾️$50 bonus for every sale the company completes (first 3 months)

◾️$100 bonus for every sale the company completes. (after 3 months)

◾️$200 bonus for every sale the company completes (after 6 months)

◾️$400 bonus for every sale the company completes (after 9 months)

◾️$500 bonus for every sale the company completes (after 12 months)


◾️Company paid training

◾️100% work from home

◾️No in-depth experience required

◾️Annual trips to the USA once you have been with the company for at least 2yrs

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Sales Representative
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer Support
  • Phone Support
  • Real Estate Services
  • Appointment Setter

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