Marketing and Web Skills Virtual Assistant

Full Time
Jun 27, 2020

Job Overview

1.      Are you able to create an attractive landing page?

2.      Are you able to add clickable texts, images, videos or buttons to a landing page?

3.      Are you able to add email-collecting forms to a landing page?

4.      Are you able to setup email software to auto-send emails to opt in recipients?

5.      Are you able to setup automatic sharing on social media?

6.      Are you able to follow up (manually or automatically) to postings and emails?

7.      Are you able to create or make short video clips or at least willing to learn or try this?

8.      Are you able to manage all your posting and emails?

9.      Are you willing to start at $200 per month and grow at $25 per month (add $25 each month) until you are at $700 per month once you are producing? If your work is very impressive and achieving great results, you would grow at a much higher rate.

If you answer YES to all 9 questions, please email me with your resume, and copy and paste YOUR VirtualStaff webpage in the email.

Thank you.

Skills Required

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