Recruiter of Potential Influencers and Sponsors / Chat Hostess Interviewers

$10 per hour
Jul 26, 2020

Job Overview

(This type of work can be done on a flexible schedule).


Do you have an engaging personality and love talking or texting? 

Do you love to spend time on social networking and chats? 

Qualify candidates seeking pen pals or mutual emotional connections and schedule dates or video chats for influencers to call.

Ask Interview questions. Build relationships. Qualify Influencers.

You will never mention your real name or identity.

You could be speaking on behalf of me, our company, and or another influencer, (depending on what site you are chatting on.) to get our message across in a pervasive and persistent manner. 

If you are available for audio call, you must have a soft calm humble feminine voice, pleasing personality, and patient demeanor. Finesse, charm, Reliable internet connection and mobile smart phone is necessary. Good  English Speaking will help you earn more!

Recruit Female 17 - 45 year old potential Influencers who have IG account Minimum 5k followers 7% engagement. Offer the potential Influencer a  free trial of our services in exchange for a minimum 10 second Video clip testimonial of the influencer thanking us for our service.  Example: "" "" "" "Wow! I just earned a ______ dollars in Sponsor Endorsements Thanks to Pimp My DM !Awesome! Pimp My DM OnlyFans has enhanced my engagement and got me shoes and purses from my favorite brands! Thank you for Pimping My DM! I just won a _______ dollar sponsorship package!

Hurry! Apply now!

Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing

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