$7 per hour
Aug 05, 2020

Job Overview

1. New Client Assessment

Create New Folder for New Client in Drive or Dropbox

File Management – Saving down supporting documents

Forming of Draft Supporting Documents Pack

Requesting Property Report if applicable

Client Assessment - completing basic information based from submitted supporting documents. (Applicable only if broker has no Fact Find)




2. Initial Assessment

Run Initial Servicing for client

Request Pricing – save approval in folder

Complete Servicing Calculators with different lenders - Where to find the latest servicing

Send Veda Credit Report, Product Comparison, Servicing Calculator to Broker for Assessment

Order AVM or Full Valuation




3. Prepare Application Forms - **DRAFT client notes should be provided before proceeding - unless requested to complete

CRM to complete in detail

Prepare compliance forms - Preliminary Assessment, Credit Proposal and Credit Quote

AOL to completed in detail

Prepare Bank Forms - Application Form, VOI, Interview Guide

Note all missing supporting documents and information

Prepare Compliance Forms in DocuSign




4. Submit Application - **Don't submit until checks are completed

Complete and fill in AOL with the missing information

Upload supporting documents

Submit Application – Record Lender Application ID

Download completed compliance documents via DocuSign

Prepare compliance checklist upon submission dated XX

Upload FINAL supporting documents pack and all signed compliance documents into CRM – If required.




5. Loan Application Follow Up

Please call bank to follow up on when approval will be issued (Outbound Call in 2 days after Submission: Follow up with Lender on the update of assessment and if they will order valuation of property (Ready the ff infos to provide to lender: Broker Code, PW (if there is)

Save down Conditional and Formal Approval - Email will be received from Broker or Lender then check OS items needed.

Outstanding documents received from Broker - check if all is complete and merge with Draft Supporting Documents pack

Email outstanding documents to lender for re assessment

Outbound Call in 2 days after OS submission - Follow up with Lender on the update of assessment.

Email Client: Congratulate on Formal Approval - Formal Approval Email Template to be provided by Broker


6. Loan Documents

Outbound Call in 2 days: Call Lender to check status of loan docs if posted or emailed to client for

signing (get the tracking ID and where it was posted)

Scan and save down loan documents

Print relevant pages of loan documents - checklist, loan agreement, mortgage, ID form and loan account authority

Prepare and Print Discharge Form - (if refinancing)




7. Signed Loan Documents

Scan and save down signed loan documents

Save and send signed Discharge Form to bank

Outbound Call in 2 days: Call Lender to check if loan docs have been received and when to callback to book settlement

Prepare Express post envelope and post - insert tracking number in PipeDrive

Check if settlement has been booked and they received discharge

Email or Call: Liaise with solicitor to confirm the Loan Amount required to settle (if applicable) - to avoid shortfall

Outbound Call Lender: Settlement Booked – Get the ff details: Loan Amount, Date, Time, Place

Email: Email broker and client the settlement booking details


8. Loan Settlement

Confirm with Lender if application has settled and when to get a copy of settlement details

Send post settlement email – Congratulatory Email to client

Mark file in CRM as won

Complete all file details in CRM

Fixed or Interest Only Loan - generate a task in CRM with reminder on 1st of the previous month prior to expiry

1st loan repayment - generate a task in Pipedrive with reminder 3 weeks after settlement




Ad Hoc

Order Property Reports

Please order property reports as per email request on XX

Send report to client once downloaded

Order Valuation

Skills Required

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