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10 Soft Skills that will land you your first Online Job from Home.

10 Soft Skills that will land you your first online job from home.

Given that an online job from home requires in-depth technical skills and automation. Employers nowadays are looking for people who possess not only the right job knowledge for a role but also the personality of the person.

To prove this to you, have you tried applying for a job online, the pool of candidates is being interviewed.

Knowledge wise you believe that you are more confident and well versed enough, but then in the end and employer choose a different applicant, the one with the most upbeat personality during the interview.

This is how important and relevant soft-skills are when looking for a job. Product knowledge can be easily taught but employees with the right personality skills are difficult to search for.

You don’t have to worry if you are missing a lot factually some of these soft skills are innate and natural. Whereas, here are the top 10 soft skills that will help you land your first home-based job.

  • Friendly Personality

Friendliness is next to a positive and off-guarded attitude towards life.

Remember the time when you are walking down the streets and someone smiles.

How did that make you feel?

Possibly comfortable and at ease and more approachable.

A friendly personality in a workplace is contagious making the whole team open to one another, this shows that an employee is willing to take and collaborate ideas inside the organization.

Imagine hosting a webinar and nobody breaks the ice of the conversation.
You find it awkward right?

  • Adaptability

There is only one constant thing in this world and it is changing.

If we walk with changes in our life it means that we accept and adapt it.

Adaptability means changing our way to survive new situations and be able to create actions without having major setbacks.

Businesses need an individual who sustains this type of skill as these types of employees are willing to learn new skills and ideas that can externally help the business survive the competition.

  • Work Ethic

The more you work the faster you finished a task, and the faster you finish, the bigger share of the pie you will get.

With jobs that revolve online, clients value workers who stay true to their promises not making excuses outside of work.

The attrition rate is very high in this industry, no wonder that's why those with focused and motivated mindset keep their job and rank are directly acknowledge and higher above their subordinates.

  • Creativity

You don’t have to be Picasso to have this skill. It’s already in you, you might not know it.

A creative mindset is natural to each of us. It is at the forefront of mankind’s innovation.

To an employer’s point of view, it can be a differentiator, sending an implication that you have great ideas inside you.

                How will it help me succeed?

With you being creative gives you an edge to solve the problem easily, add value to your company and discover effective and different ways to maximize growth among your market competitions

  • Conflict Management

Men who can handle conflicts are the biggest asset to a company.

                The problem, most people label conflict as deprecating and harmful for business growth.

                Yet people who have a talent to see-through arguments recognize conflicts as a source of opportunity.

                The essence of conflict management pushes us to overcome fear, be a better communicator and listener and of course, makes us understand others.

  • Punctuality

Personal punctuality shows about your reputation and professionalism towards business. For employers, it indicates that you are a person they can depend on when given a project.

On the other side, being punctual explains integrity for individual signaling that you are true to your intentions for a company.

  • Organization

                It is an irony that you are working for an organization and you yourself don’t know how to organize properly.

Proactively speaking, and if you already have this skill you can be a reliable manager in terms of job responsibility. And nonetheless, administrative and clerical jobs that will be thrown to you are much easier, as you already know how to follow a series of systems.

This should be at the top of soft-skills to learn when working online as most jobs for virtual assistants require it.

  • Teamwork Skills

It’s rare not working alongside someone else, but with a team, a project becomes easier and faster.

Teamwork helps you with the social part of working, by joining others you are socializing and opening yourself which can turn to be your network of friends or contacts.

  • Leadership

Someone with good leadership skills is hard to identify.  This brings many to look into the portfolio of people based on their working experience.

True to say, but not all rank and file individuals are great leaders.

And leadership is not witnessed by how u speak, rather it is the improvement that you bring to a company.

Leadership is developed over time, the more you know about the company and your subordinates, the more you develop for a leadership position.

  • Customer Service           

Every business is obsessed with customer service and spend millions of dollars just to compensate for this diamond.

It is feasible that employers look for people that can take customer feedback and complaints into customer loyalty.

With this skill, you aim to satisfy and ensure the person’s needs and wants, and that is the heart and soul of every business.

Skill with customer service experience has a greater chance of running managerial ranks, as they already know how to manage and handle people in a broader view.


When planning to look for a job from home make sure to evaluate first yourself if you are the type of person with enough and right skills- not only technical but as well the soft-skills.

Employers will always look for these types of qualifications as most of them need assurance that you are the proper person who can handle, engage and manage your emotions towards their business.

These skills are already a part of us, and others can be learned by practicing or by reading online content teaches guide to become an equipped soft-skill person.

Make sure to keep yourself updated and practice what you preach, as these skills deserve action rather than words to say to your possible employer.

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By: Kyle Daling

Filipino Virtual Assistant and Contributor (Proud to be Pinoy)