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5 Things Every Virtual Assistant Must Have In 2020.

Aspirants come to think "What are the things that I need to have to start my career as a Virtual Staff here in the Philippines?".

If you are one of the hopeful individuals who is lost and confused with these questions. I will share with you the top essentials you will be needed when starting out as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.

  1. Decent Internet Service

What job does not need an internet connection when working from? I would like to know if there is one.

Every telecommuting job needs a consistent and reliable speed of the internet.

Connectivity is a key factor when dealing with client calls, sending an email, transacting invoice and other task-relevant of becoming a VA.

When looking for an Internet Package, make sure to check for the download and upload speed. The minimum requirement of the internet when working as a home-based Filipino Staff should not be below 5 Mbps.

2. A Sturdy Work Space

Having a good office place to work is something that you should put to your list. The benefit of having a quality type of workspace keeps your peripherals organized and come into place.

As a matter of fact, having a good environment keeps you motivated and focused on the task. Good start to have is a tangible chair, a well-built Table and an alarm clock to track time and breaks.

Your desired workplace doesn't have to be as big as the "Tony Stark's" lab. Just make sure that your office place is not also the leisure studio. Allow your office a place of productivity or else you'll end up in a coffee shop.

3. Computer Setup or Laptop

"Men you need a 18-inch widescreen, 64 Gb Ram, and I# Core, etc. It's going to cost you $$$$$$ ".

Ditch this suggestion.

It is true the "The better the spec the better the performance". If you can afford, Why Not?

But if you are starting out with your career as a Virtual Staff in the Philippines. It should not cost you an arm and a leg to get going. These are the least requirement to kick-off your work game:

Desktop Setup:

  • Reliable Mouse
  • USB Camera
  • 14 inch Monitor
  • Audible Speaker
  • Noise Reduction Headset
  • CPU - Intel Core 3, 8 GB of RAM, 320 GB of Storage (More than Enough - Same as a Laptop Spec

Aside from having this a complete desktop is not intact without having the requisite software. Keep an eye on the software that you are downloading to make it relevant to your job role.

4. Group of Network

Starting in this industry takes perseverance and action. If you are a person who is egocentric and not willing to share, then set aside being a Filipino Virtual Assistant.

Leveraging your network is one vital factor to consider. In this way, you can gain answers for the questions around your mind, learn the know around and even share and help the growing community of Pinoy virtual assistants.

As a head start, you can take impart commitment in joining forums, discussions, and social media groups. You can build your connections by joining one of the best discussions and pages of Filipino Virtual Staff in the Philippines on Facebook.

5. Reliable Mentor

Have you figured out the Virtual Assistant you want to become?

The hardest thing when starting is the fact that you are bombarded with a lot of information around you. Making it harder to emancipate and acquire relevant and trusted opinions.

To ease this be distress, the best solution is by far having a mentor.

Almost each successful men and women in their industry have been guided by a mentor. This brings success, guidance and even a lifelong friendship.

A good mentor, will help you calculate risk, take you from the A-Z of being a VA and even share real-life experiences where you can impart knowledge to your day to day task as a Virtual Staff.


In every endeavor, starting off is the hardest part. Same when you are planning of being a Filipino VA. To make sure you are heading to the right track, follow with the list of essentials given.

Along the way, you will see people who are willing to help you achieve the act and learn skills, no matter how tangible or intangible it is.

Trust the process, acquire the peripherals, learn every day and avoid bad habits.

Avoid these Bad VA Habits and surely your success as a home-based worker will come sooner rather than later!

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By: Kyle Daling

Virtual Assistant From Bukidnon