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5 Ways to Succeed With an Online Job in the Philippines

Throughout my journey working as a Virtual assistant in the Philippines, and that includes the other home-based jobs in my career as an online worker, I’ve already witnessed multiple success stories of working Filipinos who’s lives changed by working online.

The different stories show a different journey of success. Entirely most have common similarities it may sound intriguing but trust me they’ll lift your thumbs up.

1. Have a great positive attitude


Having a well-round positivity in life starts with having the right mindset.

When you have an optimistic view of thins as a Filipino VA, acquiring new skills become easier, making you more exposed to a world full of possibilities.

We all have different downfalls but are you ready to change the line of course.?

You’re wondering “How I can do it?”

Check yourself every day, how often do you carry a smile to a random person or to your client?

Whenever you smile you feel a sense of gratitude and an upbringing emotion. Do this every time it’s highly contagious.

One thing as well. Don’t rely on your positivity to external forces.

Always carry a bullet under your gun.

Think of it as a survival kit in your day-to-day working as a VA. Remember to trigger it whenever STRESS Emergencies arise!

2. Learn to Communicate in English

Well of course yes.

Luck you for being a Filipino, English is our country’s joint official language.

Here is the catch, you may be good at speaking the English language yet communication doesn’t end there.

Communication is a four-way process; Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening. And to learn the full language you have to master the essentials.

Most successful virtual assistants working online jobs in the Philippines have mastered the language almost akin to a native!

This, of course, makes it easier to converse to international clients and best cases even navigate the entire web, given the fact that most content and tools are explained in English.

3. Have a stable internet Connection

Should I explain it further? Nah just kidding.

Tell me the name of a Filipino VA who fulfills his project without using the internet... I would be happy to talk to him or her. BIRO LANG!

As always, online job dependency on the internet is untouchable. Every project should be communicated through the web, and if you’re struggling to make the best out of your mediocre connection, don’t keep settling for less.

Successful VA’s know how important and crucial the internet is to their daily jobs. Taking options to always optimize their connection in the most possible way.

4. Have a workspace that gets you away from distraction

“Harry, can you give me the magic wand please?” Oh Sh*t here we go again.

It’s a blessing working in your home. No more traffic jams, corporate politics, etc.

et with all these perks are susceptive distractions.

For this reason, many home-based virtual assistants try to avoid it by ensuring their own proper workplace.

Keep a list of the necessary equipment you got to acquire. And take control of your actions as you are more prone to deceptive acts.

We often found distractions from small chores irrelevant things your family wants you to do around the house.

The best way to do it is to set aside a time to differentiate household tasks and working tasks.

Keep your family in the loop about what you do. Your journey towards success comes easier when you are FOCUS on building it away from distractions.

5. Get an Ergonomic Chair that is good for your back

Black Leatherworking chair decoration interior of working area - Vintage light Filter

You might find it obscure, but having a good quality ergonomic chair will help you succeed. Here’s why

Your job as a home-based Virtual Assistant incorporates sitting all throughout the shift.

In this way you are more inclined to unwanted strains that could hurt your productivity at work. An ergonomic office chair will help overall comfort and contribute to keeping good posture.

According to Health and Work Outcomes, a health research company, found people who received office ergonomics training and a chair with ergonomic functions increased productivity by 17.8 percent.

By having an ergonomic chair rather than a typical office chair, you are benefiting by keeping your posture out of risk and ensuring that your self-esteem, focus at work and productivity is the topmost level.

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By: Kyle Daling

Virtual Assistant & Contributor