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Become a Productive Filipino VA with these Top Tips

Being busy does not mean being productive.

Most of us think that the only way of attaining effectivity in our life, is by being loaded with multiple of task. But come to think of it , "Productivity is evaluated by dividing standard output per period by the overall costs incurred."

In an easier manner, productivity is not about working hard it is about working smart.

Most of who work online with a home based job in the Philippines usually wake up with jammed calendars and lists that we need to fulfill everyday.

As working professionals, what we always wish is to let the our time as effective and efficient everyday. With my obsession to this holistic, here are the 5 tips of having an outmost productivity.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

"Lola, come back and tell me about the good old das afte I finish m work".

Distractions are everywhere

In this virtual world it's easier to be deceived.

Losing focus and interest, is the thing you would not like to happen especially if you are an online virtual assistant and your client is in the rush for results.

Make the most of your time!

Keep away from go-to notifications and distraction starts by getting into the correct habits.

A quick start would be checking out your mobile and desktop notifications.

Do this every time you are in the level of deep work. You can shut down your phone or silence the notification inside it. Another great way to stay committed is to also add an site blocker, and slash off social media sites that can be a subject matter for taking your time.

2. Don't Forget Breaks

The goal is to be effective and not to be burnt-out.

No matter how busy of a Virtual Assistant you are, always take time to do periodic rests, especially getting your eyes away from the screens.

Stretch and stand-up, and take a walk around the house or better still outside.

Following the rule, you can do the Pomodoro technique which I often do.

You can do this by breaking down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. In this wa,you will return to your work physically and mentally refreshed making your work more productive.

3. Create a Vision for the Day

Steve Jobs used to watch in the mirror and simply asked himself "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?"

A perfect way to create a vision for you day is to setup couple of questions the night before you go to bed. You can follow Steve's routine but I suggest set it up your own way.

What I usually do, is that I bring a sheet of paper and a pen and write down the top 3 tasks to do that is relevant to my utmost daily goal. Transfer it on a small tabloid or in a to-do app, and secure it's visibility over my desktop space or at my room door.

Doing this before going to bed will not only ease your time but also keep your focus organized the day after. Making you an amazing Virtual Assistant and bringing Pinoy pride to the online workers world.

4. Taking Care with your Body

For you to be energized all throughout the day of work then you should make sure that you're conscious of the food that you intake. "Health is Wealth" as the should say, it is the fuel for an ecstatic day.

Start your day with a power breakfast. Go less with sugar-intake during the morning as this may bring you to an afternoon drowsiness. Always have an option for a smoothie, tea or coffee as a meal drink.

Find time to take part in some aerobic and physical fitness activities. You can schedule at least twice a week.

Remember this fellow Filipino VA's "The healthier you are the the more productive you become"

5. Make yourself accountable

Whatever you specific job role is as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, at all times be accountable in every decision.

The common problem when working from home, is we often take for granted the workload given, tied to the notion that "I can do it tomorrow", or "It's okay my client's doesn't know what I am doing right now".

This not only hurts our professional individuality, but also our total productivity.

Remember time is our most valuable resource, One cannot achieve his personal goal without exchanging time as its sacrificial lamb. Unless you want to be a mediocre not realizing time was already wasted.

These are a handful of tips which you can incorporate in your daily Virtual Assistant Work. Let your mind be guided and take the action as possible.


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By: Kyle Daling

Virtual Assistant From Bukidnon