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Entry Level Work From Home Jobs in the Philippines

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Although the overall job market hasn't yet returned to the pre-pandemic levels, more opportunities are now open for those looking for new employment, including recent graduates.

You don’t need to feel intimidated when you're a fresh graduate, or with no experience looking for an entry-level work from home. Gone are the days that it’s challenging to look for employment competing with applicants with related work experience.

Most importantly, it's no sweat to look for a variety of career opportunities online, as long as you have the required skills needed. Or If not, at least you’re highly trainable to learn the stuff you need to start with. 

The entry-level work-from-home jobs in the Philippines that I have listed below are excellent opportunities that may be a good match for you.

1. Work From Home Customer Service Jobs in the Philippines

Most Filipinos are outstanding at providing customer service. Given our unique cultural history of hospitality and care for our workers, it's no surprise that our society values are empathic and considerate. In addition, fluency in English is a prerequisite for employment in any sector that works with the English language.

You don’t need to be an expert in customer service. Many companies offer entry-level work from home jobs that allow you to start as a “newbee” in the industry.

You can gain customer service experience from different industries— BPO, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, eCommerce, food industry, amazon fba businesses, etc.

2. Call Center

Positions that focus on customer service are similar to those in call centers, such as providing good customer service. For example, you can be an inbound agent who receives a call from their customers while the outbound agent calls customers. But there are lots of job opportunities in the Philippines BPO or call center industry. 

There are many positions available for chat support, email support, collections representative, customer service, technical support, etc. 

You must be highly trainable and have good communication skills in English.

Also, your positive attitude and patience are necessary for call center jobs. So no need to worry If you’re working as an entry-level worker, as long as you will pass the screening test and training. If you’re looking for competitive pay and advancement in career opportunities, this job is perfect for you! 

3. Administration

Admin support is a fantastic entry-level work from home job that is very popular among Filipinos.

In this type of job, you’ll be doing things such as handling the administrative requests and queries from senior managers, as well as performing various administrative tasks.  It's similar to a virtual assistant managing organizational projects and providing high-quality administrative work with minimal supervision. 

Other tasks assigned to you are scheduling meetings, issuing invoices to clients, and supporting the management team to finish their assignments on time.

In this job, you just have to be knowledgeable in office management, organized, and multitask.

This entry-level work from home job is extremely popular, and one of the best entry level online jobs in the Philippines!

4. Medical and Health 

Careers in health and medicine may include health sciences or nursing positions, delivering medical research and services, or managing one's lifestyle. In addition, numerous health professions require individuals to provide medical treatment or assistance and health information services such as billing, insurance, transcription, billing, and scheduling. 

5. Accounting and Finance 

Finance careers focus on processing financial data, tracking accounts, record-keeping, and assisting with tax filings. In addition, accounting and finance assist clients in maintaining accurate accounting records, paying bills, and collecting debts.

If you’re a fresh graduate or looking for entry-level work from home jobs in the Philippines, you can apply for companies looking for additional staff working on their accounting and finance.

If you’re not a finance graduate, you can also look for accounting clerk job openings online. An accounting clerk is a member of a company’s accounting department, responsible for assisting with clerical and administrative tasks. If you have familiarity with bookkeeping and accounting software, that’s a plus in your application.

So to clarify, you could find entry level online jobs in  the Philippines within the accounting and finance sector, in fact here’s a list of some potential job titles within this field:

  • Accountant (CPA)
  • Bookkeeper (bookkeeping positions)
  • Accounting clerk
  • Billing specialist (not quite accounting, but similar)
  • Junior tax associate (yes, it’s possible)
  • Payroll Administrator 
  • Auditing clerk
  • Accounts payable specialist 
  • Accounts receivable specialist 

6. Data Entry 

Data entry has been typical to every organization and has increased because of various administrative support and IT sectors. Data processing involves people like coders, clerks, transcribers, and processors, all of whom are related.

This is perfect for Filipinos who are looking for entry-level home-based jobs in the Philippines because it does not really require any special education, vast experience, or even possibly a degree depending on the employer.

As a remote worker, you have the freedom to select where you want to be employed. You usually set your working hours. As long as you can complete the tasks on time, you have the speed and accuracy in typing and maintain a high level of confidentiality. This is one of the best entry level Philippines work from home jobs that’s available to almost everybody.

7. Sales

“Can you sell me this pen”, I think the line is in the Wolf of Wall Street movie? Biro lang! I’m just being playful because I’ve been on a movie binge lately…

Back to giving you informed information (without any of my attempts of humor).

Since many goods and services can be challenging to explain, salespeople can help the customers promote companies’ products and services.

If you’re into sales and want to grow your career while working remotely, you can take entry-level sales jobs and work from home in this exciting, and often fast paced profession.

You must of course be self-motivated and result-driven. If negotiating deals is easy for you, you can represent a company to boost their sales even if you only have a high school diploma. 

Confidence is key, as is your ability to communicate effectively.

8. Computer and IT 

There are several entry-level work from home job opportunities in the computer and IT industry.

For example, companies are constantly looking for website maintenance, computer repairs, internet security, or front-end and back-end web developers.

If you’re a fresh graduate of computer or IT courses, then you may want to start your career while working in the comfort of your home.

It’s time you put into practice all the technicalities you learned, and start gaining vital experience so you can begin your exciting new career today!

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