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High Paying Remote Jobs in the Philippines

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Having a remote job in the Philippines means you don’t need to worry anymore about the ever-increasing traffic and pollution in our country, because you won't need to go outside and commute to work. Instead, your workplace will be wherever you decide to have your computer or laptop located!

Thousands of businesses from around the world are offering high-paying remote jobs in the Philippines.

You may want to consider this when you decide that it’s time to embrace the new economy and start earning a part-time or full-time salary from the comfort of your home. Here are the best high-paying remote jobs in the Philippines.

Project Manager 

The project manager is responsible for managing critical client projects. Coordination and execution of projects on schedule, within budgets, and scope are among the project management duties.

If you’re a successful candidate, you will collaborate closely with clients to ensure deliverables adhere to the scope and budget developed. In addition, you will collaborate with other teams to ensure that all facets of each project are consistent and will recruit additional expertise, if necessary, to meet customer needs.

A bachelor's degree and 2-4 years of experience in the field or a similar lot may be needed for this job. Typically, you will report to a unit/department manager or director.  You would enhance the department's and organisation’s image by taking care of new and unique demands and finding ways to add value to work achievements.

Average Median Pay: P50,000-P70,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)

Graphic Designer 

The duties of a graphic designer include collecting specifications, visualizing and designing graphics, photographs, images, and designs, including logos and layouts. As online websites, book designers, magazine designers, food designers, or show designers, you would have total control over the visual aspects of all your work.

Your graphics should hold the audience's interest. You should have an artistic flair and transform expectations into the concept if you want to work here. If you are talented, can collaborate, and take direction well, it’s highly recommended to apply for the job.

Average Median Pay: P25,000-P30,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)

Social Media Marketing Specialist

By creatively using all facets of the social media marketing strategy, the aim is to steadily improve user loyalty and intimacy, the website traffic and sales. 

As a social media specialist, you should have a firm grasp of how social media platforms operate and how to manage content for maximum engagement on those platforms. In addition, you are accountable for participating in related discussions on behalf of the company and "soft selling" the product to existing and prospective consumers by sponsorship.

You’re also responsible for developing and publishing content across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to grow the numbers of followers, increasing brand recognition, and eventually increasing sales. If you think you are fit for the job, don’t waste this opportunity.

Average Median Pay: P25,000-P30,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)

Online English Teacher/ESL Tutor 

Online ESL teachers teach individuals whose natural language is not English reading, writing, and chatting. Lessons are taught in a virtual classroom environment rather than in a typical classroom setup. 

Many companies are looking for Filipino teachers who are capable and adaptable in online ESL teaching. You’ll be responsible for preparing lesson plans, instructional materials and providing progress updates to students in this role. Therefore, you should be prepared, computer literate, and capable of direct online communication with your students. 

To succeed as an online ESL teacher, you must be compassionate and responsive to your students' needs. In addition, the best candidate would be able to foster student engagement to promote online English learning.

Average Median Pay: P22,000-P24,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)

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Sales Account Executive 

Sales account executives are critical for businesses that make money by developing long-term relationships with their customers. The primary duty is to establish consumer engagement and provide outstanding customer service.

Most companies are looking for a sales account executive who is knowledgeable, inspired, and creative to join their team. If you enjoy generating new business and managing relationships with potential customers, this is the work for you! In addition, you’ll be directly accountable for the growth and sustainability of the company’s customer base. 

You are expected to have sales and customer service expertise and be self-motivated and results-oriented.

Average Median Pay: P20,000-P25,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)

Human Resource Manager

The Human Resources Manager is accountable for employment practices and processes, payroll, reward and promotion programs, and workplace safety measures. Along with overseeing employee compensation programs, the HR Manager's responsibilities include finding, interviewing, and hiring potential career candidates and designing training and learning programs for all workers.

Education is critical for this role. Therefore, a bachelor's degree in Human Resources or Business is required, and prior experience in the HR field.

Average Median Pay: P35,000-P45,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)


Accountants/bookkeepers assist companies in making financial decisions by gathering, recording, updating, and sharing information about the company's financial status.

Many industries seek an accountant/bookkeeper to oversee all financial transactions, including fixed fees and variable costs, as well as bank accounts and expenditures.

Suppose you are a graduate with a degree in Accounting and related fields, with a license and can assist management in the decision making in the financial forecast. In that case, this job is perfectly fit for you. 

Average Median Pay: P32,000-P55,000 per month (depends on years of work experience)

Search for High Paying Remote Jobs in the Philippines

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