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How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

If you’re interested in real estate but wants to work from home, chances are becoming a realtor or a real estate agent isn’t for you. But you can be a real estate virtual assistant. 

As you’ve known by now, a virtual assistant works remotely while assisting business owners and professionals with their tasks. Becoming a real estate virtual assistant gives you a taste of the industry without incurring the high cost of securing a realtor license. 

What does a real estate virtual assistant do? 

Like all other virtual assistants, real estate virtual assistants provide support, assistance and fulfill the outsourcing agreement’s deliverables. They are virtual, which means that the services are provided online. 

Assisting a realtor would involve the following tasks:

  • Managing and organizing email
  • Organizing real estate transactions’ paperwork
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Create and design marketing materials
  • Do market research and draft documents
  • Manage real property listings
  • Setting up appointments and managing calendar

Many real estate agents are tied down by paperwork and other administrative tasks. By delegating these tasks to a virtual assistant, a realtor can focus on clients, getting more listings and buyers. So it’s a win situation for the realtor as that would mean an increase in commission and income.

Because of the potential for higher income, more and more realtors are hiring virtual assistants to complete mundane but time-consuming tasks. And since virtual assistants are independent contractors, real estate agents and firms are poised to save up to 70% of the operating expenses vs. hiring a full-time employee.

What are the requirements to become a real estate virtual assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant doesn’t need to be highly technical savvy. A perfect candidate with a solid and stable internet connection can be an excellent real estate virtual assistant. Moreover, the virtual assistant needs to be self-motivated and highly organized to be perfect for the job.

Here are some of the qualities and skills to become a successful real estate virtual assistant:

1. Excellent communication

The ability to communicate is essential to become a real estate virtual assistant. One of the tasks that a real estate firm or agent can delegate to a virtual assistant is to interact and communicate with customers and clients. 

To become an excellent real estate virtual assistant, you need to proficient in both writing and verbal communication. Writing good email responses and taking notes for document revision are mainly expected. Moreover, a real estate virtual estate is expected to make inbound calls, bring leads, and create content for real estate listings and websites. 

2. Keen on details

Paying attention to details is a crucial skill as a real estate virtual assistant. 

You should expect to do a lot of writing and documentation when you start working as a real estate virtual assistant. These tasks entail strong attention to detail as you’ll proofread and edit materials, documents, and contracts. You’ll have to make sure that there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes on documents and contracts.

3. Knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry

A bit of understanding about the real estate industry is undoubtedly an advantage. Even if you have no experience in real estate, you can acquire knowledge by researching and reading topics about the industry. 

Once you start, you’ll know more about the industry for sure. 

4. Create work structure and procedures

A virtual assistant needs to establish a working system and structure to ensure efficiency and avoid backlogs. One needs to use the prevalent project management software and tools to schedule tasks, set up appointments, and make alerts for deadlines and due dates. 

You’ll get the hand of it through time. Since you’re organizing everything for the real estate firm and agent, you’ll soon find yourself irreplaceable and valuable. You know what they say, an organized virtual assistant is a helpful virtual assistant. 

5. Taking initiative and becoming proactive

Taking the initiative and completing tasks beyond what the real estate agent asked is a crucial skill virtual assistant. You exercise professional judgment on introducing improvements or add-ons to specific functions that you deemed to be more helpful or necessary. As a virtual assistant, you are also expected to contribute ideas, especially if they make the client’s business perform better.

What are the tasks that a real estate virtual assistant can do?

As a real estate virtual assistant, you’ll be doing many repetitive and mundane tasks to free up time for realtors and real estate agents alike. Some of these tasks include:

1. Social media management

Businesses, small or large, have realized the importance of social media presence and the benefits of powerful and influential social media channels. In social media management, skills in graphic design and creating attractive banners for social media posts would be highly beneficial. 

As a real estate virtual assistant, you’ll also coordinate with inquiries from Facebook and connect with potential customers. 

2. Post and maintain real estate listings

A catchy real estate listing would be beneficial for the overall business of the real estate agent or firm. Maintenance means ensuring that the real property listings are up to date, marking what was sold, and adding the newly available properties for sale.

3. Respond to emails and customer inquiries

Realtors get a lot of emails. And those emails do pile up quickly. Add to that, a customer chat enabled in the website, and online property listings will add to the volume of inquiries and messages that you’ll handle. So a real estate virtual assistant needs to be responsive to these inquiries for potential revenue-generating activity. You free up the real estate agent from these time-consuming tasks to focus on closing deals and get those commissions.

4. Property research

If you can do this task right, you’ll surely add value to the real estate business and make yourself a valuable business member. It takes a lot of valuable hours to complete and gets repetitive and mundane. As such, it is one of the top tasks that realtors outsource to their virtual assistants. 

5. Setting-up appointments

A virtual assistant with excellent command of the English language can handle incoming and outgoing phone calls. Most people calling a realtor’s office ask about open house schedules, locations, and other vital details. You must be well-versed in the real estate business and the property inventory of your client to effectively handle this appointment setting task.

What are the advantages of becoming a real estate virtual assistant?

Working from home is a cultural explosion that this generation has quickly embraced. Knowing that you have the skills to become a practical virtual assistant, here are some of the things that make working from home more enticing:

  • Flexible work schedule
  • No need for daily commute
  • Savings on fuel, car insurance, and lunch money
  • Financial freedom as it typically charges higher than general virtual assistants

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By: Princess Mariscal

A seasoned real estate virtual assistant for half a decade now. She started her career at and still currently works for a realtor in California.