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Are you the one who grabs (or copy and paste) legal documents online then use it for your business? If you are guilty of that sooner or later your business or realty investments will be put in higher legal risks like to be in a long and litigious battle.

I have worked with SMEs as well as real estate investors (sellers and buyers) and I have observed that they did all the legal work on their own or commissioned someone not legally competent to do so thinking that they are saving a lot of their money. Later on, when a problem arises that is the only time that they would ask for legal assistance when it can be prevented from day 1. Most of the time this happens on the verge of losing everything.

If you think legal services are costly, consider weighing the legal risks involved in doing business and realty investment/s (you have) if you do not have that legal support. Imagine going to courts trying to protect your rights when you can prevent it by managing legal risks.

If you are a business owner of small and medium enterprises and real estate investor here is how I can help you:

  1. Legal consultation (offline and online);
  2. Provide well researched written legal opinion;
  3. Legal documentation;
  4. Contract review and drafting;
  5. Conduct investigation and due diligence;
  6. Corporate secretarial services;
  7. Pre-litigation preparation; and
  8. Legal representation in case of legal action (Applicable only in the Philippines); and
  9. General Counsel/lawyer

If you are smart, book a discovery call and let's see if we can work together:

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