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Hello! My name is Jannu Rei Didulo, 26 years old living in General Santos City, Philippines. I am a graduate of Mindanao State University – General Santos with a degree in BS Accountancy. I graduated college in June 2016 and became a Certified Public Accountant in October of the same year. In December 2016, I landed my first job as Financial Accountant tasked with Accounts Payable in a manufacturing company, the head office being in Makati City. It was a dream come true for me because when I was in college, I always pictured myself working in Makati. It was hard getting a job in a city full of competition. But through hard work and a positive attitude towards the challenges, I was able to see that picture coming to reality. Eventually, when I already had enough savings, I decided to go home and stay with my mother in General Santos City. I worked in a retail and estate company as an Internal Auditor which for me is a tough job. The main responsibility is to thoroughly observe and check various departments of the company to make sure they are operating in accordance with standard business practices. It is also our job to report to the top management whatever result we have come up with during the audit. The challenge doing the job is to work along with different types of people from various departments because they are not always cooperative. Thankfully, we have been well trained to always be strong, bold, and confident when it comes to facing auditees and the top management for us to be always respectable and believable. I would say that this phase in my career is my favorite because it was this time that I struggled the most but also, I learned a lot and I have grown so much professionally. My supervisors and managers would always say my reports are on point. My audit findings were meaningful and substantiated, and I am always clear with why those findings are a risk to the company. Furthermore, I always come up with helpful recommendations for the auditees. After a year of being an internal auditor, I was appointed to become the Cash Management Team Supervisor. I was entrusted with the position because of the great work I have done during my stay in Internal Audit. In Cash Management, my task was to make a sure proper and timely recording of cash transactions by carefully checking on supporting documents. Also, it was my job to report to the management daily cash balances to make sure we have enough for daily transactions and loan payments. Right now, I am a cost accounting analyst who deals with finished goods inventory in a manufacturing company. I am tasked mainly with the valuation of finished goods at the end of the month. And so far, I did not miss deadlines even though it is challenging.

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