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September, 2021
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I have worked as an ESL teacher for 2 years and 11 months, as Lead Generation for a year and a month, and as Data Entry and Researcher for a year. When I was an ESL teacher it was a pretty challenging journey because I was also a university student at that time. I really enjoyed teaching Japanese students at that time because they were so kind and polite. It was not difficult for me to teach them because they were very studious. I was always cheerful in teaching them as it helps them to motivate themselves to study. Being in the sales industry for a year as Lead Generation was challenging but at the same time, I enjoyed interacting with customers on a daily basis. My task was to qualify the prospective clients and transfer the calls to my manager. It was a tough job at first, but as time went by I learned the art of qualifying prospects as fast as I could and made a lot of transferred calls that eventually some of them became our regular clients. In the past year working as Data Entry and Researcher for a Real Estate company, I have demonstrated the ability to enter a great volume of information into their database. I am so passionate about my job that I always try my best to be accurate as much as possible. I have learned to be keen in everything that I do especially when they have changed the criteria in classifying a building and its structure.

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Admin & Office (Virtual Assistant)

Data Entry

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Sales Representative

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