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I have been facilitating, leading and serving the student body since 2017 in Ligao National High School, Special Program in the Arts – the Visual Arts specialization as well in Arts in Design Track. In my three years serving, I believe I am capable of providing essential knowledge and expertise in leadership as a virtual assistant. I honed my leadership skills by researching, adapting, reading the atmosphere and looking up to the role models in the field. I build my intuition properly to decide the best possible(positive) results and able to work efficiently with my team members by being a facilitator, not a dictator. I am also approachable and responsive as it is my responsibility to unite my members and voice out our ideas. Throughout the way, I became their spokesperson, therefore have contributed greatly in my fluency in speaking. As an artist for more than 6 years and as a costumer, I have observed companies’ strategy in social media managing. It leaves me in awe, how managers are creative in words or captions and graphic designs captivating the hearts of costumers. In terms of the essential factor, creativity, I believe my experience and skills made me capable of applying as a social media manager. With my inclination with [Digital] Arts, I am also confident with the skillset that I have with making presentations, publication materials, and designs, that are well suited to the theme of your company. I am well-known for my creative abilities in design, digital media arts, visual arts and even experienced being interviewed personally and via online locally in the field. As part of this millennial generation, I am also well adapted to the current trends of social media and the likes. In addition, I spent three months as an all-around manager in D’AnneTeadote Shop full time this year’s pandemic. I worked as a Manager, Cashier, Milk tea maker, Cook, Custodian and Costumer Service due to the lack of staff. As early as 1 month I have fully memorized and was making 27 different Milk Tea Flavors and cooking 13 meal recipes. I also applied my social skills promptly the first day in customer service. I believe I am suitable and can provide excellency in addition to your team. This position will mold me further beyond my capabilities and surely produce a remarkable experience in marketing and design industry.

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