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Conduent - HUMANA CSR Health Care Account (Verification of Benefits and CLAIMS)

December 2015– May 2017 - We received inbound calls from Doctor and nurses in regard to the coverage of the patient’s insurance on the service they will render to the patients. - We do outbound calls for the update on their escalations - We provide the determination and status of their claims.
- We provide the determination on their GRIEVANCE and APPEALS.

Apnix Sleep/ DME Diagnostics - Team Leader / CSR (Verification of Benefits and Authorization) Health Care Account ONLINE VA TEAM - HOME BASED JOB June 2017 –October 2018

  • I am the Team Leader and I provide the daily tasks of my team.
  • As the leader of the front-line staff, it was my responsibility to keep track and meet deadlines every week. I also ensure the completion of work that's due to the client.
  • I set up and led team meetings with our project team to streamline workflow, improve team collaboration and troubleshoot additional issues when needed.
  • I check on their everyday output.
  • We call insurance companies to verify the benefits of the patient. ( all kinds of insurance )
  • We use portals to verify the benefits and coverage of the patients for us to check if the insurance is ACTIVE or NOT ACTIVE.
    -We use Brightree
  • We process AUTHORIZATION by calling the insurance company or using PORTALS ( all kinds of insurance )
  • We fax (electronic fax) medical records for authorization purposes like LMN - Letter of Medical Necessity
  • We prioritize STAT order

NU Car Rental Reservation - ONLINE VA TEAM – HOME BASED JOB Customer Service Representative / Email Support November 2018-October 2019

Some skills that a CSR should have:

  • The idea behind respect is that you treat others the way you would like to be treated

– Being patient among customer service teams is also important to the business at large because great service beats fast service every single time.

  1. WILLINGNESS TO LEARN - You have to be willing to learn your product inside and out, willing to learn how to communicate better

  2. CLOSING ABILITY - Being able to close with a customer as a customer service professional means being able to end the conversation with confirmed customer satisfaction and with the customer feeling that everything has been taken care of.

ORIENTED FOCUS - This may seem like a strange thing to list as a good customer service skill, but I assure you it’s vitally important. Many customer service experts have shown how giving employees unfettered power to “wow” customers don’t always generate the returns many businesses expect to see. That’s because it leaves employees without goals, and business goals and customer happiness can work hand-in-hand without resulting in poor service.

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another is more of a character trait than a skill.

  1. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE CLEARLY - It’s important to be mindful of how some of your communication habits translate to customers, and it’s best to err on the side of caution whenever you find yourself questioning a situation.

SKILLS - Sometimes you’re going to come across people who you’ll never be able to make happy. Situations outside of your control, some may have a terrible day, or they are just a natural-born complainer will sometimes creep into your usual support routine, and you’ll be greeted with those “barnacle” customers that seem to want nothing else but to pull you down. Every great customer service professional needs basic acting skills to maintain their usual cheery persona despite dealing with people who are just plain grumpy.

-as a CSR we assist and advise provided by a company or agent to those people who buy or use our products or services. -We handle inbound – outbound calls booking car reservation -We modify the reservation -We cancel, refund and fund transfer

Countrywide Medical RX TEAM Prescription and Medical Records Specialist HOMEBASED JOB October 2019 – June 2020

  • Inbound and Outbound calls
  • We chase medical records for insurance purposes
  • We fax for CHART NOTES and Rx request
  • We call patients to update concerning their supplies

The Mehler Group Executive Admin Assistant HOME BASED JOB August 2020 December 2020

  • I am the Team Leader and I provide the daily tasks of my team.
    -Creating Flyers -Sending emails for the agents schedules -Quality Analyst of the team -Communication Coach -Appointment Setter Trainor

The McClary Enterprises Inc. Executive Admin Assistant HOME BASED JOB January 2021 - May 2021

Admin Tasks Uploading leads of the CRM Tagging leads
Managing the team for setting appointments

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Admin & Office (Virtual Assistant)

Appointment Setter

Customer Service and Admin Support

Email Support

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