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A recent Back Office Agent where I had to handle multiple tasks and that includes the usage of different tools such as salesforce, box, proshop, linksense link, QR Monkey, Tatango and whatnot. I had to onboard different restaurants to our ordering app and print marketing materials for them. QR Code creation, website renewal, website integration check, and website build were few of those different tasks that I had to check and do. Receiving ample of projects as well where I and my teammates have to finish in a specific period of time. Those experiences are priceless to me since I love learning every now and then. Additional skills have been learned through the years of working in a certain company and that’s something I would consider a treasure.

Prior to that, I was also a Lead Generation Agent in a span of 9 months and that taught me a lot of skills but on top of that is patience. In a tour-related account where we have to search, collect and input data regarding the websites that are qualified for our account, we have to investigate thoroughly and be more specific to details. Classifying those, searching for their online platforms such as facebook, linkedin, tripadvisor and whatnot. Tried doing some projects as well in a timely manner. Directly in contact with the clients especially if that regards the task clarifications.

Though I already had few experiences but I know I still have a lot more to learn and to impart. Growing is my habit and I don’t want to stop progressing. I’m always open to new learning and to unlock different skillset. I know I still have a lot to offer and I hope you’ll give me a chance to prove it to you. With trust, honesty, loyalty and hard work, let’s make success happen, together!

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Tutoring Teaching

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