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I used to work as an IT Support Technician in which I handled the company’s email and social medias, accommodates and responds to inquiries, set schedules for our client’s trainings, make powerpoint presentation for the trainees, make certificates for the trainees, make Excel File for the inventories of supplies, equipment, training certificates and clients and other office or paper works, and handling computer operated simulators. And since the company was fresh built and have limited staff, I also got the chance to be a Marketing Staff. I got to experience how to talk and convince individuals to choose our company to be their training center, as well as company owners. I also used to work as Support Staff at Amherst Laboratories Inc. Unilab Pharma-Campus, specifically an inspector. There, I was the one responsible in inspecting and checking if the bottle caps of the products are well tacked, so as the packaging. I was the one making the paper work needed for the items released. Lastly, I used to work as Customer Service Representative at Watsons Distribution Center, the main branch of Watsons here in the Philippines. I also got to handle the company's email and I was the one responsible in accommodating the orders from the other branches of Watsons all over the Philippine. I also used to make Excel Files for the paper works needed from other branches, like the list of the products delivered day-by-day. But since I am a hardworking person, I sometimes help my coworkers in doing documentations and checking if all the items to be delivered are complete.

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