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Prior to being a full time,.. I've been in BPO industry from 2012 to 2016, almost 5 years. Therefore, I must say that within that timeframe, I was able to cope up and confidently even got the american accent that I thank God I was able to adopt when I kept on listening to valued customers over the phone. In my 1st year in BPO, I was one of the Financial Credit specialist in Credit One Bank and it sharpens my english vocabulary and how to respond humanely thru customer's inquiry by always giving empathy and resolving concerns most especially it involves their credit scores which is critical and life impacting. While in my service, I experienced risky pregnancy. As a result, I left this job as I need to take a rest to conceive safely. After giving birth, I worked for AT&T as Website specialist. We're the one catering customer solutions on their account logins. As we all know, this telecommunications company holds a huge customer percentage and I felt like I was exhausted on my workload. Yes, I need a job to create money, but money is nothing if you health is unstable. I was diagnosed that I have polyp on my vocal cord that leads to hoarseness of voice and it really affects my job for being a call center agent and it hurts a lot whenever you're unable to talk gracefully due to aching and unpleasant voice. I left this job when I finally got the offer from Telus. It was such an amazing company that made me tech savvy as they put me on DELL ACCOUNT that I'm one of their Sales Rep to sell Computers and laptops. For 1 year that I've been with Dell, I was able to sell peripherals and cater small and medium businesses at the same time. I'm grateful that I was well equipped on knowing about technology, what's hot and what's not coz of different training offered by the company. Unfortunately, Dell no longer continued the contract, therefore, we need to be transferred to another account, which is SEARS. It's a half customer facing, half sales job. I learned everything and I enjoyed being with the company and the account. But something changed my perspective. And that's my goal. I decided to leave the company no matter how I love it due to financial aspect. I need to get a higher paying job so we can purchase our own home. Coz I'm forecasting that our family will be bigger sooner and I would love to be independent living once it'll happened. God blessed my plans, and I was able to get the job I love. I've been a service Implementation Manager for Accenture Philippines - Verizon Account small and medium businesses for almost 3 years. I am the one dealing with the clients over the phone, setting meetings, conference calls, scheduling VOiP Engineers and technician to be dispatched to install the cable plan for their respective businesses. I'm very strict on timelines as time = money not for Verizon but also for their valued customers. I learned a lot in terms of handling emotions, understanding american's culture and how to love your work more for this will build you personal growth and the success I want to be. Unexpectedly, I conceived to my 2nd child, and I am really had a hard time conceiving. I hate to leave my job, but I need to for this is for myself and my baby to deliver safely. I gave birth last June 2017, and now, I'm proud to say that my goals was met. We were able to purchase our house. And we're independent living since 2016. I think I'm ready to cater jobs most especially when my kids are sleeping. I can share my skills on marketing strategies, being tech savvy, contributing how to keep up and enhance the customer experience, share sales strategies, how to sell a product by creating needs, great communication skills, blogs, etc. I'm confident that I have a great voice not just that but I also create the warm tone in order to make my customer feel loved and accommodating. even the power words are necessary for this is the best skills to use in order to close a sale or even resolve customer's concern. I am confident, that if you're going to hire me, you just DIDN'T HIRE the "USUAL EMPLOYEE", but a BUSINESS PARTNER for I am passionate in everything I do, I'm upfront, I share ideas and get things done on a timely manner. Hire the one who'll make your business lift up for she act like it's her own. STEWARDSHIP is the best character I can offer, Native English is always stapled on it. :) Please be advised that I'm willing to be interviewed over SKYPE if needed. And I would love to. In order to showcase my skills over the phone and If you have any questions, price negotiation, feel free to contact me on this email at

I'm looking forward to work with your company. Thank you so much.



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