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Unionbank of the Philippines November 6, 2017- Present Tellering Function • Accepts deposits and bill payments/collections in favor of beneficiaries of collection arrangement. • Pays encashments and withdrawals within delegated limits; secures officer approval beyond authorized limits. • Verifies technicalities on checks deposited/encashed and ensures accuracy and genuineness of cash received or paid. Verifies signatures of clients on withdrawal slips and check encashments. • Establishes identity of persons making withdrawals or encashments and requires clients to sign in acknowledgment for payment received. • Ensures that deposit/withdrawal slips are property filled up as to account number, account name, date, amount and signature of client. • Validates original source documents for over-the-counter transactions and ensures that they are posted correctly to their respective accounts. • Conducts post-verification of all source documents to ensure accurate posting. • Ensures that all checks received during the day have the required bank endorsements stamped at the back thereof and that it balances with outward check report. • Ensures that posting medias, biller's abstracts and other documents processed are scanned at the end of day and orderly filed. • Verifies/validates deposits retrieved from the ATM. • Assists in payroll preparation for clients with payroll servicing agreements. • Performs deposit pick-up and/or accompanies cash shipments (via armored or service car) and ensures proper verification, acknowledgment and recording of amounts received or shipped. • Submits transaction receipts for Miscellaneous Cash In/Cash Out to the supervising officer for review. • Makes cash requisitions based on anticipated cash requirements for the day and transfers cash at the end of the day or as soon as there is excess available cash vs. authorized limit. • Verifies picos box contents and cash received from/paid out to clients. • Tallies the Cash on Hand per count as against Cash on Hand per Teller Cash Position Inquiry in the system and reconciles totals of cash movements with the CIV Custodian. • Balances Teller's Totals at the end of the day against source documents and submits it to the supervising officer for review/approval.

Platform Functions • Interviews clients on their financial needs; offers appropriate product or service and secures requirements from the client in the opening of accounts. • Assists the SSO in processing opening of new accounts (SA,CA, CTD, etc.). Processes closing of accounts. • Prints documents and secures client's signature. • Presents documents to an officer for review/approval. • Assists in monitoring and follows up documentary deficiencies of accounts opened. • Accomplishes CIR form for updating CIF of existing clients. • Processes the purchase and sale of FCD Notes and FX conversion, then secures officer's approval. • Assists in monitoring maturity of term placements and processes payment of interest and/or renewal/rollover. • Processes payments for request of Bank Statements, ATM card replacement and Lost Passbook replacements. • Processes request for re-ordered and new account checkbooks. • Assist the SSO in monitoring critical supplies of the branch. • Updates and replaces filled passbooks and transaction diaries. • Prepares and Ensures proper dispatch/distribution of mails/pouches to the Message Center. • Tallies the Cash on Hand per count as against Cash on Hand per Teller Cash Position Inquiry in the system. Reconciles totals of cash movements with the CIV Custodian. • Prepares and sends, after checking and approval of the supervising officer, all Abstracts of Collections (including SSS and Philhealth), with required supporting documents to appropriate units. • Prepares BIR Reports and sends email to the Head Office controlling unit with hard copy and documents. • Inform client of the checkbook requisition and monitor unclaimed checkbooks. • Attends to customer inquiries, requests and suggestions, making sure that these are immediately addressed to the client's satisfaction; elevates complaints to the supervising officer for appropriate action, as necessary. • Ensures proper upkeep of assigned work area and equipment. • Acts as alternate of branch officers for Vault combinations and key custodians. • Observes prompt attendance requirements at work all the time. • Performs other duties that are required of and are related to our function. Telstra Powered by Teletech Consultant, February 9,2015 to April 30, 2017 • Responded promptly and answered/resolved customer’s inquiries and concerns. • Investigated and resolved service issues and/or product problems. • Worked with administration: forwarded requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource by communicating and coordinating with internal department. • Kept records of customer’s interactions and actions taken, including – transactions, comments, inquiries and complaints. • Upgrade service and offer additional service packages and options. • Consistently improve customer satisfaction through expert resolution of conflicts, issues and concerns

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Admin & Office (Virtual Assistant)

Data Entry
Appointment Setter
Travel Planning
Event Planner
Email Management
Personal Assistant
Admin Assistant


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Customer Service and Admin Support

Customer Support
Email Support
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Finance and Management (Virtual Accountants)


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Social Media Marketing
Instagram Marketing
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Email Marketing
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Editing Proofreading

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